Five June Scouting magazine covers from the archives

Even though the first “official” day of summer is June 21, the start of this month reminds us that it’s time for swimming pools, barbecues and, of course, Scout camp and Scouting adventures.

During this first week of the month, let’s look back at five June cover images from the digital archives of Scouting magazine. (You’ll see that some of these covers represent May-June or June-July issues, as the publication sometimes combined the months — as early as the 50s — to help cut costs.)

Which cover is your favorite?







7 thoughts on “Five June Scouting magazine covers from the archives

  1. Quite Time At Camp. There is very little of that now. It is all about advancement. SM feels the boys will just get I to trouble if there is idle time at camp. 😦

  2. My favorite is June 1943, with Remington Schuyler’s beautiful artwork. Schuyler provided a significant body of artwork for the early BSA, including the 1940’s edition of the Handbook for Scoutmasters. Although Norman Rockwell was the BSA’s official artist, Schuyler produced line drawings depicting Scouts and Scouters in classic action and scenes that leave room for the viewer’s imagination to make them magical!

  3. 1928

    That’s the essence of what Scouting is. The rest of them are just tools to support the core message, which is about responsible citizenship..

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