Why change Cub Scouting? The latest CubCast has your answer

cubcast-logoCub Scouting is the greatest program out there for kids, so why would the Boy Scouts of America feel the need to change it?

To make it better, of course.

The new Cub Scout Adventure Program, debuting in May 2015, is better for everyone involved. It’s more fun and active for boys. It’s simpler and more rewarding for leaders.

I’m not the expert on why these changes were made, how they were developed and when they’re rolling out. But I know who is.

It’s Bob Scott, Cub Scout Experience Manager at the BSA. He served as an advisor to the 100-plus volunteers who helped create the updated program.

In the June 2014 edition of CubCast, the monthly Cub Scouting podcast, Scott shares more insight into Cub Scouting’s 2015 upgrade.

Boy Scout leaders, there’s a podcast for you, too.

June 2014 ScoutCast

scoutcast-logo1It’s not a secret society, but many Scouters out there don’t know a whole lot about the Order of the Arrow, which is the BSA’s national honor society.

In the latest ScoutCast, National OA Chief Nick Dannemiller demystifies this important group within Scouting.

Check out the Cub Hub

Cub Scout leaders, have you visited the Cub Hub? It’s a fun new site with inspiring photos, cool ideas and useful resources. Take a look!

16 thoughts on “Why change Cub Scouting? The latest CubCast has your answer

  1. Good Morning Bryan, I have a question concerning the camping merit badge. Requirement 9a on camping nights states that you need 20 nights of camping under the stars and can only count one long-term camping of 6 consecutive nights. Questions are: What is considered long-term? Example: Jamboree is 10 nights of camping, would 6 nights be counted at long-term camping and the other 4 nights be able to be counted as additional camping nights. Also, what if you have a 4 night campout or a 5 night campout being less than 6 is this considered short term or long term? I have always counted short term as a Friday and Saturday.
    Would appreciate any input you could offer.

  2. So 7 adventures to earn rank, each adventure takes 3 meetings that means that a Den that meets twice a month means that it will take the entire Scouting year to earn rank. Since most Packs I know of use Blue and Gold to award rank is there a plan on how Blue and Gold will be used? It can be hard to get the entire Pack to B&G and without rank advancement I worry that B&G attendance will be down and not make it a viable activity for February. Thoughts?

    • The Blue and Gold is the celebration of the founding of the Scouts. It was never meant to be a graduation ceremony. You can have a graduation ceremony later in the year.

      If the Blue and Gold is fun, they will come!

      • While I would love to believe that, the truth is there are more and more competing events so fun is not always enough to get a parent to bring their Scout. I remain hopeful but skeptical of the changes.

        • Some people don’t understand there is Cub Scouting on paper and then Cub Scouting in real life.

          Scott’s pat answers aren’t very helpful at all.

  3. A number of interesting points about the changes were shared. I heard nothing about the BSA STEM Nova Program and changes. I have a number of scouts who are working on their Supernova awards. Updates on this program are very much appreciated.

    Another question. Are there any changes to the Hornaday program so Cub Scouts are able to earn comparable awards like Boy Scouts?

    • Other posts on similar stories say the non-rank related awards, other than belt loops and pins, will not be changed.

  4. How will the changes to the Cub Scout Program (revised pins and beltloops) affect the NOVA program?  Each one of the NOVA Awards requires the Cub Scout to earn certain belt loops.

    Could you address in an upcoming Bryan on Scouting blog/email?  

    Thanks,  Sue Ransden

    • Tiger Cubs are currently not eligible for these awards. They can enjoy STEM-related activities. See Cub Scouts Nova Award Guidebook, 2011, introduction, page 7. Now that the Tiger Cubs will be Tiger Cub Scouts, equal status with others in Cub Scouting, I am hope that equality extends to the Nova Award Program.
      I look forward to Bryan and Gretchen addressing this issue in an upcoming blog/email.


  5. Hi Bryan and Gretchen,
    Will Bob Scott, Cub Scout Experience Manager at the BSA, talk about the changes to the Nova program and other programs not covered June 2014 Scoutcast? His talk clarified some issues. I find your blog very informative. Many scout families are interested in these topics. Your support is very appreciative. Thanks in advance.


  6. Brian,

    I really enjoy your daily articles on your post BRIAN FOR SCOUTING. Do you have similar information regarding changes and pending changes beginning in 2014 and 2015 for The Boy Scouts, Venture and Explorer Scouts programs?

    I am trying to pull together a SUMMARY presentation for the Council that can be use this Fall at our semi annual Scouter Success training seminar here in the Mecklenburg County Council (415).

    YIS, John Mahaffey

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