Tiger Cub becomes just Tiger and gets new image next year

Amid all the excitement around the new adventure loops and adventure pins announced today, you might have missed a smaller but still significant change to Cub Scouting for next year.

When the new Cub Scout program becomes official on May 2015, Tiger Cubs becomes simply Tiger and gets a new tiger image to go along with it.

Why? I’m told parents felt the current Tiger Cub image was infantile. And adding the word “Cubs” to the name, parents told the BSA, made Tiger Cubs feel like a lesser rank than Wolf or Bear. (We don’t call those Wolf Cubs or Bear Cubs, after all.)

Besides, switching to a single name puts Tiger in line with the other single-name animals: Wolf and Bear.

Also changing is the Tiger image. The new emblem incorporates a more mature-looking Tiger, again bringing the rank in line with Wolf and Bear.

Here’s the old image:

tiger cub

And here’s the new one:

new tiger image


29 thoughts on “Tiger Cub becomes just Tiger and gets new image next year

  1. File this under, “Wait, wuht?”

    Yes, we call them Wolf Cubs and Bear Cubs. And they’re 6 and 7 years old – we want a friendly image to relate to. I’m not sure what focus groups felt that the current logo was “infantile” but I doubt there are parents who have worked with too many of these kids.

    Sorry BSA – program changes aside, the reasoning provided here for the logo change doesn’t float.

  2. And the new badge looks conceptually like the former Lion badge that was available when I was a Cub Scout in the 1950s. Back then Webelos was a 1-year program that followed Lion, which followed Bear.

  3. Sounds like a well-paid consultant justifying their pay. I like the change… puts Tigers on par with other CUBS… but I agree the unnecessary justification was a lil silly. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of any complaints… and I was a Tiger leader back in the last year of Orange t-shirts!

  4. Until now I never realized it, but I always referred to them as ‘Tigers’ when referencing them as a group (which was most of the time) and dropped the ‘Cub’.

  5. And when will we hear the result of the new Lion Cub (Kindergartner program currently being evaluated in a few councils)? Will it become mainstreamed or rejected? I had heard that the decision would have been Fall 2012, but that time has long come and gone. I would have thought it would have been finalized as part of the new Cub Scout program roll-out this year at the latest.

    The program was supposedly based on a combination of the Kindergarten Learning for Life program materials and how the old Tiger Cub program (orange T-shirts, Search, Discover, Share) was implemented.

    • Very good question. I was a Lion leader twice up in Longhouse council 5 years ago, and there was no news at all about it ever coming out of pilot status. Funny that that program has been tested for almost a decade up there, with no answer, and this new Cub Scout overhaul and change didn’t even mention it.

    • I get the feeling that program has been rejected. Which is a shame–I think having kindergarteners in scouting would be a good thing.

    • I am in Northern Star Council, which is currently piloting the Lion Cub program, and has been for 6-7 years now. My wife was one of the original pack coordinators. Over the years I have seen a subtle fine-tuning of the Lion program from its rough beginnings to what it is today. There are obviously a few bumps in the road yet before it can be adopted as a formal program, but it has been very successful so far, at least in our district. As with the original Tiger concept, blending the Lions into the pack seems to be the main issue. I guess we simply need to be patient. After all, it took 20 years for Cub Scouts to become a formal program; it took the OA 30 years before it was adopted, and it took almost 10 years for the Tiger program to come into its own.

  6. I like it. I get the feeling that it’s one contiguous easy-to-understand group from Tiger to Wolf to Bear instead of two groups (Tiger and Wolf/Bear).

  7. Bryon, does this mean that the NOVA and Supernova programs are going away? Or how is the program going to change so that the Supernova awards can be earned?

  8. Umm… Pretty sure the kids didn’t care. And anyone lead a Tiger Cub den meeting would agree, it is infantile! Its chaotic most of the times.

  9. Meh – been doing this for about 4 years with a unit that averages 60 scouts and not one parent or kid has ever mentioned this to me. But, the new logo is cool, so I guess there’s that…

  10. Well, they are young’ens, lol. But I like the more realistic tiger on the logo. The old one was ok, but I like realism….but that’s just me. Has nothing to do with the quality of the program.

  11. And adding the word “Cubs” to the name, parents told the BSA, made Tiger Cubs feel like a lesser rank than Wolf or Bear…
    Isn’t it? Did Tiger suddenly become a higher rank than Wolf or Bear? Are people seriously getting upset that a lesser, younger, rank is recognized as a lesser, younger, rank? That’s like getting upset that Girl Scout Juniors are younger than Girl Scout Seniors. It seems to me, and I could be missing something completely obvious, but it seems to me that only an idiot would get upset about the name “Tiger Cubs”.

  12. And so the final demise of the “Junglebook” connection . No more Akela, no more BALOO, no more Rudyard Kipling. I always liked pointing out the literary references to the Cubs, and admiring the recognition they gave. As a Cub leader, I usta like being compared to a “Leader of a Wolf Pack” . My wife even asked kids to call her “Bagherra”. Shere Khan, what a Tiger Leader….
    Even the original ranks made sense in a gradation of size , experience and strength: Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Lion, and WeBeLos (Wolf, Bear, Lion) transmorgrefied into “We Be Loyal Scouts”. Not so any more…… I once heard that Lion was eliminated because there had been no mention of the Lion in The Junglebook , being in India.
    Is this a relic of the “teach to the test” ethos? No more pretending we are in a “Junglebook”? Now, it will all be “realistic” I suppose.
    Sic Gloria Mundi

    • It has always bothered me that the Tiger is the bad guy in the Jungle Book, but not many people follow up on the literary reference. Personally, I think that Mongoose scouts and the Rikki Tikki Tavi story would be great, but you can’t roar like a mongoose around the campfire.

  13. Will the 2014 1st year Webelos (Bear that become Webelos in June 2014) be expected to transition over mid-webelos in May 2015? If they transition over how will this work, if not, will there be a short supply of awards for them?

    I understand that lower ranks can not earn the loops for older ranks, but will the higher ranking scouts be able to earn awards they have now essentially missed out on? Will Webelos be able to earn the Tiger loops?

    • Tina, the transition document (http://www.scouting.org/filestore/program_update/pdf/CS%20Program%20Transition.pdf) will give you an idea how this will work for the boys beginning their Webelos journey now. They will use the current program for their Webelos rank and activity badges. As of June 1, 2015, they will work on the new AOL requirements. As it notes in this plan, activity badges earned beyond Webelos can count towards those requirements, so it should be a fairly easy transition, as long as leaders are aware of the new requirements.

      As far as the older Scouts working on loops for younger ranks in the new program, I’m certain that the answer is no. Just as a boy who joins in 2nd grade cannot earn his Tiger currently, a boy who transitions into the new program as a Bear (for instance) would not be able to earn Wolf awards in the new program.

  14. Just curious….just who are these people that they’ve been polling/getting feedback from? We recently moved (almost 2 years ago) from one state to another. Not once have I ever been polled on any of the things they’re changing. I’ve been involved in scouting for 9 years and never heard any complaints in line with the changes being made. (Nor have any of the scout parents we’ve been ever mentioned being polled.) I took a look at the new loops….They look more childish to me than what we have now. And as some of the other comments said, the Tigers are the youngest. They are immature. So what? Why do we need to make them feel older? And are you seriously telling us that FIRST GRADERS said that being called Cubs made them feel lesser ranked than the Wolf & Bear cubs?!? Really?!?!? Last time I checked they are ALL (Tiger, Wolf & Bear) CUB Scouts!! And yes! The Tigers ARE at a lower level, just like Scout is lower than Tenderfoot at the Boy Scout level. So what? Isn’t the point of scouting to make to boys want to achieve? To make them want to move up? To make them want to try new things? (Yes, I know ranking is done differently at the Cub level than at the Boy Scout level but it’s the same principle – work to become the best you can be.) In both areas we’ve been involved in scouting (state wise), everyone just referred to Cub Scouts as Cub Scouts….Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs or Tigers, Wolves & Bears. This is just another case of being too sensitive and we don’t want to hurt their little feelings. We want scouting to foster leaders not whiners.

  15. I think this is a fantastic change. The logo change is great, but secondary. I fully support the integration of “Tiger Cubs” into the “Cub Scout” program. It’s a pain trying to treat them as separate entities–*especially* at recharter time. I think this change is more for adults than kids, to be honest…it makes some of the paperwork and red tape easier to deal with.

  16. There is a common observation among some commenters here: Many parents want to push their kids so far, so fast, that labeling them as young (which they resentfully corrupt by substituting the word “infantile”) is unacceptable. Every parent believes their child is ready for activities that are reserved for older Scouts, reserved not just out of safety concerns, but out of appropriateness for mental and physical capacities, too. However, modern parents won’t be held back–excuse, me, I meant to write that their children won’t be held back.

    I participated in a brief BSA survey that seem to have been intended to put the icing on the changes that had already been baked. It was very amusing, as the images and questions were all posed to guide the participant into choosing the mandated solutions. Really, there was the Tiger Cub logo, the Tiger logo, and two intentionally unappealing tiger logos from which to choose. What’s that old thing about lies, darned lies, and statistics? There should be a merit badge about that.

    If this is the direction of our efforts, let’s focus on a real issue: getting adults and youth to pronounce and use the term “Webelos” correctly (WEE-blows, not WEE-blow–one deer, two deer; one Webelos, many Webelos–explaining this is actually part of Scout leader training). Oh, the times I have jovially pointed out that if there is no S, there are no Scouts, only to be met with dagger eyes.

    Now, there’s a problem.

  17. Was there any word on the Lion Cub program (Kindergarteners) still in trials? Our council has been successfully piloting this program since 2008 — I thought for sure it would be adopted by now. My wife was one of the original coordinators in our district.

  18. I would still use the Kipling Jungle Book connection. Our Tiger cubs called them selves Tigers anyway and the Dens usually had unique names “Bengal Tigers”, “Siberian Tigers”, etc. Wolf and Bears had den numbers and Webelos had (gasp!) Patrol names.

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