Imagine Dragons and its Eagle Scout lead singer score 5 Billboard Music Awards

billboard-logoIf you’ve never heard of Imagine Dragons, ask a couple of your Scouts to get you up to speed.

Or check out the list of winners from last night’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

The rock band, fronted by Eagle Scout lead singer Dan Reynolds, won five awards last night, including Top Rock Artist and Top Rock Album. To think that just 10 years ago, Reynolds, now 26, was receiving the BSA’s top rank as a member of a Scout unit chartered to the LDS church in Nevada.

By the way, that’s Reynolds second from the left in the photo above.

The Billboard Awards show, which aired on ABC, was watched by an average of 10.5 million people. Great numbers, but nothing compared to the 177 million times their hit single “Radioactive” has been viewed on YouTube, as of this writing. (Watch it below)

Nominees are selected based on album and digital singles sales, radio play, tours, streaming, and social media presence. Here’s a complete list of the awards Imagine Dragons won last night:

  • Top duo/group
  • Top Hot 100 artist
  • Top rock artist
  • Top rock album: “Night Vision”
  • Top streaming song (audio): “Radioactive”

What’s next for these guys?

They’re working on their second album now and have recorded a new song, “Battle Cry,” for the upcoming movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, due out June 27.

Image courtesy of Interscope Records, Reid Rolls

5 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons and its Eagle Scout lead singer score 5 Billboard Music Awards

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