N.J. police and National Guard camporee is one of 2014’s largest Scouting events

nj-camporeeLater today, 10,000 Boy Scouts will converge in New Jersey for what organizers are calling the year’s largest Scouting event (though organizers of the Scouting 500 event this weekend in Kansas City expect 12,000).

This weekend’s New Jersey State Police and New Jersey National Guard Camporee will gather 300 troops from all over New Jersey and from parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and Connecticut at the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt, N.J.

Looks like they’re in for a “you-won’t-believe-what-I-did-last-weekend” weekend.

They’ll watch jaw-dropping police and National Guard demonstrations, participate in interactive displays and work on merit badges.

It’s a highlight for the Scouts in attendance and for the members of the New Jersey State Police and New Jersey National Guard who get to meet with Scouts and share some of their cool toys.

The state police will have a number of vehicles on display, including an underwater operations truck, helicopter and Arson Unit truck with robots. The National Guard will bring two helicopters, a Humvee and a security vehicle. Scouts can also check out a Howitzer, MK19 grenade launcher and sniper rifle (but no live fire, of course).

Other highlights:

  • The New Jersey State Police School and Traffic Safety Unit will bring its fatal-vision driving course set up for driving-age Scouts to experience the effects of drunken driving.
  • The state police static displays include: Cyber Crimes, Crime Scene Investigation, Composite Artist Unit, Major Crime Unit and Polygraph Unit.
  • Merit badge work on Fingerprinting, Wilderness Survival, Crime Prevention and Personal Fitness merit badges.
  • New Jersey State Police Training Bureau instructors will teach Scouts physical fitness. Scouts can compete to earn fitness awards for sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups with the Top Physical Challenge.
  • Rock climbing walls with National Guardsmen assisting Scouts
  • Emergency-shelter-building with National Guardsmen
  • Instruction on how to start fires through friction-fire methods

The camporee theme

The theme for this year’s camporee, the fourth edition of the event, is “Messengers of Peace.” That’s the global Scouting initiative involving more than 220 countries and territories in which Scouts carry out community service projects that promote peace.

Organizers say it’ll be one of the largest events — if not the largest — ever held in the name of Messengers of Peace.

Scouts who completed Messengers of Peace projects prior to the Camporee can submit a poster explaining their project to the Messengers of Peace Committee. The committee will select the top five projects and award prizes at the 8:30 p.m. Saturday Evening Show.

Dignitaries in attendance

  • Adjutant General of New Jersey Brig. Gen. Michael L. Cunniff
  • New Jersey State Police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes
  • Boy Scouts of America Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock
  • Representatives from the international World Scouting Committee

Photos from 2011 camporee

nj-camporee-6 nj-camporee-5 nj-camporee-4 nj-camporee-3 nj-camporee-2 nj-camporee-1

14 thoughts on “N.J. police and National Guard camporee is one of 2014’s largest Scouting events

      • I heard all sorts of numbers at the Scouting 500. The lowest was 11,000 and the highest was 13,700 with the day visitors on Saturday. We’ll see what the final numbers turn out to be.

        One thing that the HOAC’s Scouting 500 had that no one else had last weekend was Gill Clay, the Granddaughter of Baden-Powell. My son and many other Scouts got to meet her and talk with her. Since our International Committee was hosting her, I got to spend some quality time with her.

        Gill arrived early on Friday afternoon as the International Committee and the Wood Badge Group were setting up their venues. She immediately grabbed the Patrol Flags from out of the vehicle and started carrying them over to the Wood Badge area. She then asked what else she could do to help us out. Not your normal VIP!!!

        • Please note the NJ event was “closed” – once you checked in Friday night with your Troop there were no more scouts or visitors permitted entry for safety and security reasons.

  1. This is the kind of stuff that boys want, and will keep them involved and engaged in Scouting. Sounds awesome, wish I could attend, and that our District and/or Council could put something together that’s this cool.

  2. It’s good to see events like this around the country. My son and I are heading to the Scouting 500 in a few hours. Should be a blast.

  3. If it’s not too late, could you please do an Eagle Scout a favor and please mention one of our own that just passed, Eagle Joshua Wagner was from Troop 580 in St. Louis, MO and part of Shawnee Lodge 51, and truly embodied the spirit of what it meant to help his fellow man and befriended everyone he met…If you didn’t know him at the beginning of the night you would by the end and left a lasting impression no matter where he went.


    Kevin R. Weber
    Eagle Scout Class of 1987
    Shawnee Lodge 51, Brotherhood

    • Just realized that I was reading this about this past weekend, please keep Josh in your memory during the next vigil as I and his family would be grateful.

  4. Thanks taking the time to mention us in the blog, and for all your support of local programs! The New Jersey event was a huge success … Complete downpours all day Friday guaranteed this was going to be a Scouting event to remember! Saturday & Sunday were absolutely gorgeous, and 10,000 Scouts got an experience that will last them a lifetime. Congrats to Kansas City for putting on what I hear was also a phenomenal event, and a huge thank you to all the Scouting volunteers, NJ State Troopers, and National Guardsmen (and women) for making our event such a success! Sincerely, Jim Gillick, Scout Executive, Jersey Shore Council, BSA

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