Run the 2014 New York City Marathon while benefiting N.Y. Scouts

Here’s a way to be a winner at the 2014 New York City Marathon no matter what place you finish.

Ten altruistic individuals will get a guaranteed spot in the marathon and benefit New York City Scouting far beyond the 26.2-mile race through the city’s five boroughs.

Forget waiting lists and random drawings. These 10 are assured a slot on Nov. 2, 2014, in the iconic race that takes runners through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx.

This is how it works: Make a commitment to raise a minimum of $3,000 to benefit the Greater New York Councils and its 45,000 youth. You’ll pay a $50 hold fee and then be contacted by Cedric Bodley, a council staffer, with more information on how to begin fundraising. Most runners won’t pay the full $3,000 themselves but will instead connect with friends and family to support their cause.

Like the marathon itself, this opportunity is open to anyone, not just those from New York. So whether you’re a runner in California, Connecticut or the Carolinas, this opportunity is for you.

“Anybody in the Boy Scouts of America will be warmly, warmly welcomed,” says Ethan Draddy, Scout Executive and CEO of the Greater New York Councils.

Visit this Crowdrise page to sign up or learn more.

Draddy tells me his council, now a charity partner with the NYC marathon, wants to make a statement that will hopefully result in even more guaranteed slots next year.

“We want to show the New York City Marathon people that the Boy Scouts of America is a good partner for you,” he says.

There’s already one registrant: Mike Schulte, a Scoutmaster from Queens who has never before raced in a marathon. He has about 25 weeks to prepare himself for the race of a lifetime.

And that’s no understatement. The New York City Marathon is one of just six races in the World Marathon Majors. The others are Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin and Chicago.

What’s in it for the runners?

In addition to the satisfaction that you supported a great cause, the 10 who will run for Team Greater New York Councils get the following:

  • Paid marathon registration fees (worth approximately $300)
  • Boy Scouts of America logo team T-shirt
  • Bus transportation to the starting line on race day
  • Pre-race team breakfast on the morning of Nov. 1 for family, friends and your supporters
  • Gift bag


Contact Cedric Bodley at

4 thoughts on “Run the 2014 New York City Marathon while benefiting N.Y. Scouts

  1. Seriously? BSA Councils are now going to “compete” for charity monies alongside breast cancer, leukemia, and the other causes that runners sign up to run for? Bad plan. We’ve jumped the shark.

  2. 50,000+ runners participate in the NYC Marathon each year, and only a very small percentage of them get in through one of the various charity programs. None of the other charities already doing this should be hurt, since they’ll still fill up all of their spots easily. I volunteered at the 2013 race as a ham radio operator in Mile 17 on 1st Ave, and I’m fully planning on returning to that job in 2014. Any of the participating BSA runners has a congratulatory high-five waiting for them when they pass by my post if they want it!

  3. Is this “asking for donations”, which is clearly against fundraising guidelines? Does it “provide value for the price”? I don’t know.
    Is it a good thing to do? Absolutely, “a Scout is Physically fit”, but for fund raising? MMmmmmm… I suppose we could say the runners are “working”, and providing a service (entertainment? Example? Publicity?)
    Maybe the runners are being “sponsored” by the donors, but again, where is the “value”? I read the fundraising guidelines and have some trouble with the NYCouncil actually being the runners “sponsor”.

  4. Hey Brian: Any response from National on this? Has anyone in the “Financial” office felt the need to comment on the chance this type of fundraising MIGHT NOT agree with the guidelines on the back of the Fund Raising Application? Oh, did the Council fill one of those out? Who would OK that application? National Council?
    I am intrigued now….

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