This summer, Eagle Scouts will bicycle across America to prove a point

eagle-scouts-across-america patchIt sounds like the trailer for a summer blockbuster:

In a world saturated by television, smartphones and video games, one group of Scouts dares to step outside and show the world they still value the outdoors, exercise and self-discipline.

But this is better than a Hollywood movie.

As first reported on the Boys’ Life Scouting Around blog, a group of Eagle Scouts from Troop 165 out of Fredericksburg, Va., have a point to prove: Motivated young men still exist in this world, and many of them developed their character in Scouting.

How will they prove it? As you probably guessed by the headline, they’ll ride their bikes from San Francisco to Virginia Beach, Va. That’s 3,770 miles in 63 days, including some rest days.

“Our mission is to demonstrate how motivated young men, committed to the values of exercise and healthy living, practice the 12 points of the Boy Scout Law while challenging themselves to reach new heights,” according to a statement on the trip’s website.

The journey, which begins June 8, will take them through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Virginia.

Are you an Eagle Scout living along that route?

If so, the Eagle Scout cyclists invite you to ride all or a portion of the ride with them. Visit their site for details and contact info.

I’m sure they’d also be more than willing to get cheered on by your pack, troop, team or crew as they pass through. Contact the riders with those types of questions, as well. They plan to ride with GPS trackers, so it will be pretty easy to estimate their arrival.

And stay tuned for more updates from these impressive young men.

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5 thoughts on “This summer, Eagle Scouts will bicycle across America to prove a point

  1. This is a great event, and I wish my fellow Eagle Scouts well.

    However, several folks — including my step-daughter Abigail Doyle — have previously done that route. It took her longer than 63 days because she broke her ankle enroute and was sidelined for four months. She did this ALONE for the most part (mom and I had some tense moments) with a lot of assistance from United Methodist (and other) Churches along the route.

    I joined her and a traveling companion in Nelson County, Kentucky for dinner. She was excited about the entire encounter and loved the travel and seeing parts of America that she had never seen before (she’s from Minnesota, and while she’s traveled the world she really hasn’t seen the “homefront” as her step-dad had the chance to see…)

    Those Eagles are going to have an adventure that they’ll be talking about (and their grandkids will be sharing long after they are gone) forever. I just wish that other Troops and Teams will take similar trips around the nation — they don’t have to transverse the nation like these Eagles or Abbi — but simply to get out, ride or hike and learn more about this country and its peoples. Who knows — there may be a book or song or play or something about all of this!!

    (Oh…Abbi did blog about her trip and the people and places she encountered. If you go to, you can read and see her trip.)

    Great luck, fellow Eagles!!

  2. Wow – how cool is this!! My husband and I have traveled cross country (by car) twice and have plans to make one more trip. There is SO much to see. I have always wondered why people travel to other countrys when ours has so much to offer. We wish these Scouts the best of luck in their venture. It will be a life-changing experience for them – I am sure!!

  3. What? Boys that stay active post Eagle…say it ain’t so! Now that was sarcasm because it has and will always be my theory that the real Scouting happens post Eagle. Those that Eagle and quit (not age out) miss out on so many awesome adventures and opportunities. Way to go my fellow Eagles. Safe travels and wind at your backs! Look forward to following your journey.

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