2013 Eagles: Don’t miss your chance to be in the ‘Eagle Scout Yearbook’

Yearbooks are priceless windows into the past, and the Eagle Scout Yearbook, Class of 2013 will be no exception.

To make it happen, though, the National Eagle Scout Association needs your help to fill the yearbook’s pages with the stories of the 56,841 young men who earned Eagle last year.

If you or a young man you know earned the Eagle Scout rank in 2013, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this momentous opportunity. The yearbook is an exciting new tradition started last year (and something I wish was around when I earned my Eagle Scout award in 1999).

We normally associate yearbooks with high school, but the journey toward Scouting’s highest honor has a lot in common with the journey toward graduation.

“We see getting the Eagle Scout rank as on par with getting a high school diploma,” says Ryan Larson, associate director of NESA. “A yearbook lets these Eagle Scouts track this moment in history. They can look back 30 or 40 years from now at those memories.”

If they haven’t already, members of the 2013 Eagle Scout class will soon hear from the company that NESA commissioned to make the book, Publishing Concepts (PCI).

Dallas-based PCI publishes directories for educational institutions, fraternities, sororities and military organizations across the nation. They’ve been around for 30 years, so they know what they’re doing.

PCI will contact 2013 Eagle Scouts by phone, email or snail mail to gather information from these young men. I’m talking name, Eagle project, favorite merit badge, dream job, favorite author and more.

I know you get a lot of junk mail, spam and irritating calls from telemarketers. But this is one contact you won’t want to ignore. You can also be proactive and get in touch with PCI directly at 1-800-395-4724. Remember, this is for 2013 Eagle Scouts only.

The number above is also the one to use if you prefer not to have certain information printed in the yearbook.

PCI will give these 2013 Eagle Scouts a chance to purchase the yearbook when they call. Note that only 2013 Eagle Scouts may purchase the 2013 Eagle Scout Yearbook, which should be shipped out around December 2014.

It’s important to mention that this isn’t a money-making scheme for the National Eagle Scout Association or the Boy Scouts of America. Profit from the book will go toward NESA scholarships.

As I mentioned last year, money for NESA scholarships is up 165 percent since 2007, thanks in part to innovative programs like this one. NESA gave out roughly $600,000 in scholarships last year and wants to keep growing that number.

If you have additional questions, check out this great FAQ page on NESA’s website. And be sure to Like the NESA Facebook page to stay on top of NESA news.

Note: The inside pages in the featured image at the top of this post are mock-ups of the 2013 yearbook and do not represent the final layout or text. They are for illustration purposes only.

20 thoughts on “2013 Eagles: Don’t miss your chance to be in the ‘Eagle Scout Yearbook’

  1. I’m curious how much the yearbook is. We got the postcard in the mail the other day but haven’t called about it (why isn’t there a website to submit this info??).

  2. Eagle is on par with getting a high school diploma? What with social grade promotion, the chance to go to a continuation school and do a bare minimum of work yet still get a diploma, the lax high school exit exam (or complete lack thereof, depending on what state you’re in), a diploma really doesn’t mean much at all for most people. I think Eagle is generally more of an accomplishment than getting a high school diploma. I’ve long advocated that the CBEST in California (begining test to be a teacher in California) should be the high school exit exam to get a diploma, for the diploma to actually mean something, and California/Oregon have the strictest standards in the nation. It’s not that big of an accomplishment. Meanwhile, for Eagle you have to actually learn how to swim, you have to have gone and camped outside, you’ve gone far outside your comfort zone many times. You’ve done multiple “science projects” you’ve put things together and actually run different activities — you haven’t been a passive sheep. Getting the Eagle Scout rank is not on par with getting a high school diploma, it means more. Granted, there are people who do amazing things in high school and honors/AP classes certainly make a difference, but I’m looking at the majority of people who get their high school diploma, not the statistical outliers. I’m looking at the people who just barely managed to scrape by in basic algebra with a C, the people who despite not speaking another language have trouble formulating their thoughts in English and writing, the people who wouldn’t know the difference between a proton and a planet, yet still graduate high school, which is most people with a high school diploma, statistically speaking.

  3. What’s the cost? Would be nice to know. Should say on here somewhere since it the promo page for the yearbook.

    • I’m not sure, Laura. This post is to give 2013 Eagles a heads up that they can be a part of this cool project. Ordering and payment can be discussed with PCI when you contact them — or they call you.

  4. I contact PCI and updated our info, but they were not clear on type of photo to submit said photo of self or project and could not give much info on pricing of product, after I did not want the most expensive at over $200 dollars, need info on this and what options there are besides high end.

  5. Curious was this done in the past. I am a member of the 2009 Eagle Scout class and would be interested in something like this

  6. Of course it is not a money maker!?! Bound Year Book, Sweat Shirt, T-Shirt, two air travel vouchers (without any information how they work) – $219.00. Supposedly there are various packages, that a PCI representative will sell you immediately. There was no website directions to get a visual of what is being sold or for that matter the Sweatshirt and T-shirt design. Once I started asking these questions the PCI representative started dialing back the phone hard sell presentation. The picture here is the most I have been able to see about this book. Eagle Scouts have to give their project sponsor a full disclosure of what they will do, how they will do it, etc. Now he has his award and the confirming information call goes straight into a hard sell, “Your Eagle does not want to not miss having have his copy of this valueable yearbook.” sell pitch” with no picture references of what is being sold. 2013 Eagle Scout families who have invested much with their sons are not being treated in the manner our sons treated their project sponsors and others on the Trail to Eagle. Bryan feel free to forward this to Eagle Scout Association!

  7. Thanks David! I was thinking that is what this was exactly. Similar to the Who’s Who in American High School students….scam.

  8. They notified my me, convinced me to purchase for my son at over $100 and then didn’t publish him in the actual yearbook but instead, on the cd. Not cool!

  9. This is a typical scam – you earn some award and are offered the privilege to pay for a trophy, certificate, or book (as in this case) with your name in it. The Eagle Scout rank is for life; you don’t need to pay $100 to remember you are an Eagle.

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