Watch what this sanitation worker did when he found a U.S. flag on the street

Boy Scouts are inherently patriotic.

We wear the American flag on our sleeves, we say the pledge before meetings, and we learn the proper ways to post, fold and retire Old Glory.

So it was no huge shock when I learned the Oregon sanitation worker who showed unbelievable patriotism — when he thought nobody was watching — is a former Scout. Here’s how it went down:

On his regular route recently, Jeremy Fischer found a U.S. flag lying in the street.

He had no idea a neighbor was watching when he picked up the flag and carefully folded it using the triangle-folding method he learned in Scouts. He set it on a post near the owner’s home and moved on to the next house on his route.

Good Turn over — or so he thought.

The neighbor, Nancy Neet, posted a message on the Facebook page belonging to the sanitation company (aptly named Pride Disposal). Then the Good Turn went national with coverage in Las Vegas, Florida, California and beyond.

Jeremy was interviewed for this TV story (be sure to watch the video), and he shared why he bothered to pick up the flag that had blown off its pole in a storm.

“There’s a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope, and a lot of other stuff, that is the American flag,” he told the TV station. “I figured since so many people have died for that, the least I could do was pick it up.”

Another example of Scout training helping someone become a better American. Well done, Jeremy.

Thanks to Carey Snyder, Drew Stevenson, Roy Woodruff and others for the tip.

7 thoughts on “Watch what this sanitation worker did when he found a U.S. flag on the street

  1. Its nice to see that there are people out there who still respect the flag. I hope that it would be the same over here in Australia if someone found our flag on the ground

  2. Thanks for posting this story – I saw it on facebook and recommended it, but I’m sure many others did too.

    It is always good to see people showing by force of habit the skills and ideals learned in Boy Scouting. I remember the story of the tornado at the Iowa Scout camp which tragically killed four scouts. When one of the surviving scouts, who was actively involved in the rescue efforts, was asked by a television reporter how they knew what to do in that didaster, the scout gave him a whithering look and simply said, “We’re Scouts!” – What better confirmation of the tag line which appears on a lot of scout documents – “Prepared. For Life.”

  3. I’m a Unit Commissioner for 2 Packs in the Great Lakes Field Service Council and I thought so highly of this story that I forwarded it to every one of our parents so they, in turn, could share it with their kids.

    • If you read Maria B.’s response and look at the entire interview you’ll see that they do mention the Scouts. It’s only in the shorter interview where it’s edited out.

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