Who wants seconds? Grab a bite of 20 more Scout-themed cakes

On Wednesday I shared 30 creative and mouthwatering Scout-themed cakes I found by searching around online.

At the end of the post, I asked you to share your own Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout and Venturing cakes. Apparently my request did not go unnoticed.

Get ready for 20 more cakes, sent in by blog readers like you. These cakes look almost too good to eat — but I’m more than willing to try a bite (or 10) of each anyway.

Please grab a fresh plate before returning for this second helping of deliciously designed Scout cakes:

1 – Tiger Cub Cake

From Susan Matthews Kil

1 Tiger Cub Cake

2 – Are You Tougher? Cake

From Shawn Fetterhoff: “My son and I made this one for our No Girls allowed Cake Bake. All the cakes are judged by attendees of our spaghetti dinner and then used as dessert.”

2 Are You Tougher Cake

3 – Eagle Scout Three-Tiers Cake

From Staci Thomas: “Here is a picture of my son’s cake for his Eagle Ceremony last year.”

3 Eagle Scout Three Tiers Cake

4 – Crossover Cake

From Dave Smilie

4 Crossover Cake

5 – Cub Character Cake

From Tami Bowlby: “This is a cake I made for our Cub Scout cake auction.”

5 Cub Character Cake

6 – Eagle Scout Emblem Cake

From Peter Grasso: “You asked for Scout related cakes. Here is one I did for my son’s Eagle COH.”

6 Eagle Scout Emblem Cake

7 – Eagle Scout Congratulations Cake

From Laura Kew

7 Eagle Scout Congratulations Cake

8 – Pinewood Derby Car Cake

From Sandra Smith (Orem, Utah)

8 Pinewood Derby Car Cake

9 – Cub Scout Two Tier Cake

From Sandra Smith (Orem, Utah)

9 Cub Scout Two Tier Cake (1)

9 Cub Scout Two Tier Cake (2)

10 – Liam’s Car Cake

From Sandra Smith (Orem, Utah): “A birthday cake where the boy asked that it be modeled after his pinewood derby car that won. One of the pictures includes his pinewood derby car in the foreground for comparison.”

10 Liam's Car Cake (1)

10 Liam's Car Cake (2)

11 – Pinewood Derby Cake

From Sandra Smith (Orem, Utah)

11 Pinewood Derby Cake (1)

11 Pinewood Derby Cake (2)

11 Pinewood Derby Cake (3)

12 – Camping Scene Cake

From Polly in Kansas: “For my Cub Scout who wanted a camping-themed birthday cake.”

12 Camping Scene Cake

13 – Eagle Scout Sheet Cake

From Polly in Kansas: “We are a family of third-generation Boy Scouts.”

13 Eagle Scout Sheet Cake

14 – Eagle Scout Golden Cake

From LaRae Park: “It was made by a friend.”

14 Eagle Scout Golden Cake

15 – Blue and Gold Cake

From Nicole Kiselow: “Pack 45. Forrest School. Fair Lawn, N.J. Cake made by Wolf Leader Mike Kiselow, who is also a bakery manager at the local FoodTown.”

15 Blue and Gold Cakes

16 – Screaming Eagles Cake

From Laura Liudahl, Laura’s Baking Delights, Holmen, Wis.: “I made this cake for a Cub Scout group that was bridging over. They called themselves the Screaming Eagles. The cake itself was dyed blue and gold.”

16 Screaming Eagles Cake

17 – Cub Scout Shirt Cake

From Nick Johnston

17 Cub Scout Shirt Cake

18 – BSA Logo Cake

From Chris McCabe: “The BSA round cake was for our end of year dinner at the District Roundtable.”

18 BSA Logo Cake

19 – iPhone Cake

From Chris McCabe: “The iPhone was not directly a Scout cake, but if you look at the icons… It was for a cake auction another troop was having.”

19 iPhone Cake

20 – Blue Phoenix Den Cake

From Wendy Montigny

20 Blue Phoenix Cake (1) 20 Blue Phoenix Cake (2)

I want more cake!

Send me pictures of cakes you designed or paid for. The sugar rush from this latest batch of cakes won’t last forever, so if I get enough additional cakes, I’m totally down for thirds. Send me your photos today.

2 thoughts on “Who wants seconds? Grab a bite of 20 more Scout-themed cakes

  1. Wish I had access to some of my old photos (stuck in computer mayhem when our computer died and I hadn’t backed them up). Our Troop and their Scoutmasters make our Blue and Gold cake every year for our Pack. They bake a minimum of 9 13″x9″ cakes in both chocolate and yellow cake, put them together to make one HUGE cake and then decorate it with that year’s theme. They use icing, M&M’s and other non-parieles to decorate. When this year’s is finished next weekend, I will have to come back and share! ❤ all the cakes you have shown so far. I am also still working on what I will be doing for my son's Eagle Court of Honor cake for March 2nd. Thanks for sharing!
    PS: My son decided to use the pins for the 12 Points of the Law to share something special with the Scouts in his Troop for his COH. He appreciated all of the wonderful suggestions given after the article. He will be fulfilling many of the wishes shared – that he continue to be a member of Scouting – by joining with the new type of membership so that he can help his current Troop as well as helping wherever he finally decides to attend college. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  2. A little late to the game; however I really want to give credit where credit is due. Staci Thomas, Cake #3 above, this cake was created by Cakes by Laura in Union, MO, for my son’s ECOH held in October 1999. It was magnificent, and I was there when this photo was taken at the event – great to see it be the inspiration for others. Laura really took my concept over the top! What you can’t see or taste was the cake itself – delicious three different flavors. Thank you, Laura!!

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