Meet your 2014 Silver Buffalo Award class

Unlike most Scouting awards, there are no requirements for the Silver Buffalo Award. It’s not something you work toward or apply for yourself.

But when you consider the recipients, you could say the men and women who earn Scouting’s highest honor for adults have been working toward the Silver Buffalo Award their entire lives. They just didn’t know it.

The award is special because of the people hand-picked by the National Court of Honor to wear the red-and-white medal and square knot. These men and women — just 741 in the 88-year history of the award — have given “noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth.”

The 2014 class consists of eight men and one woman. Among this year’s recipients are Joe Manchin, the junior U.S. senator from West Virginia; David Beck, general president of the LDS church’s Young Men organization; R. Chip Turner, chairman of the BSA Religious Relationships Task Force; and Rosemary Wixom, general president of the Primary of the LDS church.

The full list of recipients follows. The noteworthy nine will get their medals in a special recognition ceremony at the National Annual Meeting in May in Nashville, Tenn. And in doing so they’ll join a prestigious list that includes Jimmy Stewart, Ronald Reagan, Yogi Berra, Bill Gates, Robert Baden-Powell, William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt and many, many more who have kept Scouting strong for more than a century.

2014 Silver Buffalo Award class

David L. Beck, Great Salt Lake Council, Salt Lake City, Utah

Toby Capps, Chief Seattle Council, Renton, Wash.

Michael G. Hoffman, Grand Canyon Council, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Joe Manchin, Mountaineer Area Council, Fairmont, W.Va.

Robert J. Smith, Monmouth Council, Holmdel, N.J.

William W. Stark Jr., Pacific Skyline Council, Los Altos Hills, Calif.

Mark Lewis Stolowitz, San Francisco Bay Area Council, Pleasanton, Calif.

Ralph Wilson “Chip” Turner, Longhorn Council, Fort Worth, Texas

Rosemary M. Wixom, Great Salt Lake Council, Salt Lake City, Utah

Note: The citations of these outstanding men and women, including a description of why each was chosen, will be posted as soon as it’s available.

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12 thoughts on “Meet your 2014 Silver Buffalo Award class

  1. How can I, or can you, or someone at National verify a recipient? I just don’t fully trust the Wikipedia site. Would really appreciate a response. Specifically looking at one individual in the class of 1984. Thank you. Duane Martin.

  2. Hello Bryan,

    I know you had a great time at Wood Badge and then on Wood Badge staff. Mark Stolowitz was the chair of the Task Force which developed, wrote and implemented 21st Century Wood Badge.

  3. What is the purpose of the Silver Buffalo award? Seems to be given like a thank you card to CEO’s and other wealthy money people. Why not reserve awards for people who sacrifice of themselves for youth by spending many hours of their personal time with them instead of putting the highest honor in BSA on people in suits who are boards of directors and just funnel money to the corporation? I bet very few of the winners of this award even owns a current scout uniform.

    • It takes all kinds of people to make Scouting successful, including CEO’s, wealthy donors, Scoutmasters, and parents driving Scouts to campouts. I can attest that Toby Capps, Mark Stolowitz, and Bill Stark have Scout uniforms because I’ve seen them wearing them. Toby wears it A LOT in his duties with the OA. Mark is involved in Wood Badge training and even things at the world level. Bill has served at various positions in the region, but is also active with Northern Tier and the Seton Museum at Philmont. It wasn’t so long ago when he was the Scoutmaster of Los Altos Troop 37. So don’t go disparaging our awardees if you don’t know anything about their background.

    • I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several Silver Buffalo awardees in my career with the BSA, and I can tell you each has dedicated his or her life to Scouting. I hope you get the privilege of some day meeting a few of these individuals before making assumptions.

    • Both Toby Capps and Mike Hoffman are long-time Scouters who currently serve on the national OA committee. They spend an incredible amount of time, in uniform, working directly with youth.

      That being said, another way to serve Scouting is by using whatever influence and resources you’ve attained in life to help make great things happen for lots of kids. Corporate leaders and philanthropists who positively influence Scouting nationally should be recognized, too.

  4. Chip Turner earned his with sweat equity. He was co-head chaplain at the 2010 and 2013 Jamborees. Former Scoutmaster. He taught my son’s God & Country (whatever the new name is) class two years ago at our church. Vigil OA.

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