The Eagle Scout application ain’t over till the Boy Scouts sing

ma-you-earned-your-eagleHey, soon-to-be Eagle Scouts: Don’t stop at Page 2 when filling out your Eagle Scout Rank Application (PDF).

Complete the online survey, linked to on the third page (titled Supplemental Eagle Scout Information Form), and you’ll get a free MP3 of the song “Ma, You Earned Your Eagle.”

The song, which I blogged about earlier this week, is a touching way for Eagle Scouts to thank their mother for helping them during the Eagle journey. I can envision it being played at Eagle courts of honor everywhere. The process is simple: Complete the five-minute survey and you’ll get a link to instantly download the MP3. 

The survey questions have an expected Scouting twist: contact info, Scouting awards earned, high-adventure bases visited, jamborees attended, college/post-high school plans, favorite merit badges earned and whether the Eagle-to-be subscribed to Boys’ Life. Results aren’t sold or shared outside of the BSA.

The findings will help NESA identify trends in boys who make Eagle Scout. Kind of like that Baylor Eagle Scout study I told you about in 2012, but specifically focused on the Scouting experience.

One trend I’d expect to see, for example, is that Eagles are more likely than non-Eagles to subscribe to Boys’ Life and earn other Scouting awards. What would you expect to see?

Learn more about the National Eagle Scout Association at

7 thoughts on “The Eagle Scout application ain’t over till the Boy Scouts sing

  1. Given some of the items you list on the survey, wonder if any thought was given to having the 3rd page also being the Scout’s Life ambition statement/list of awards as required by requirement #7.

  2. Well, my son (who recently received his Eagle) has been a Boys’ Life subscriber since he joined as a Tiger! 🙂

    One statistic that I’ve never seen that I’d be interested in is the percentage of Scouts who make it Tiger – Eagle (or the percentage of Eagle Scouts who do the same). We had three boys in our troop who all made Eagle within a week of each other this fall and who all started as Tigers. (Two of them have been together on the whole journey while the 3rd came to the troop from a different pack.)

  3. My son just had his BoR for Life last night. He’s also been a Boys Life subscriber since joining as a Tiger Cub. Our local pack and troop automatically sign everyone up. Apparently the pack and troop think it’s a good resource for the boys to have.

    In *completely unrelated* news, I’m the former Pack Committee Chair and current Scoutmaster of the troop. ;o)

    • Seeing the percentage of Eagles who have a parent (or adult relative) who is a leader would also be an interesting stat. Registered or otherwise, parents who are actively involved in Scouting seem to make a big difference in the probability of a boy earning Eagle.

  4. My twins have already earned their eagle. But we are in the process of planning their double twin ceremony. That might be an interesting add on to the ceremony. How can we get the song

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