How many of these 20 Scouting cartoons from the ’60s still hold true today?

Cartoon-1963-Camp-Dreams“A boy is naturally full of humor,” Scouting founder Baden-Powell once said.

So it’s completely appropriate for us to share a good-natured laugh about those funny, spontaneous moments that make Scouting great.

In that spirit, I’ve gathered 20 of my favorite Scouting cartoons from the 1960 to 1963 issues of Scouting magazine (available for anyone’s perusal in our digital archives).

Do these scenes still ring true today? Which are your favorites? Do any remind you of your Scouts? Have a laugh after the jump.

Sometimes boards of review are more trying for the Scouters than the Scouts…


Can’t get your Cub Scouts to calm down? Here’s one idea…


Taste test, anyone?


Would this have been considered “racy” back in the ’60s?


Maybe you should try birthdays…


Scoutmaster knows best, right?




Might be seen as sexist by today’s standards. Still pretty funny.


Chemistry merit badge — adult supervision required.


Cubmobiles pictured here, but would this apply to pinewood derbies, too?


A trained Boy Scout: don’t leave home without one.


That’s what you get for making sugar packets the pre-meeting snack!


Know any Scouts who “pack” like this?


Merit badges do indeed lead to careers, so this one’s funny and true.


Do not try this at home (or if you do just don’t tell us).


This is every Scout around May each year.


Now that Cooking merit badge is required, this’ll only get worse!


Everything including the kitchen sink.


So true…


Is that a telephone booth? I’ve read about those…


21 thoughts on “How many of these 20 Scouting cartoons from the ’60s still hold true today?

  1. I like the one where the Scoutmaster is out with his Troop while his bride is waiting at the church. I went camping with the Scouts and forgot it was my anniversary!! Rule #1- Thy shall not go camping on the Scoutmasters anniversary!!

    • As the Scout Master’s wife, I’ve adopted the philosophy of, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” After the husband spent two years in a row doing Cub Scout Day Camp on our anniversary, I started helping to run it myself. After both our boys got into Boy Scouts, I got excited when our anniversary happened to fall on a weekend between summer camps… until a boy decided that it would be a perfect day for an Eagle Scout project…. oh well.

    • I’ve ended up backpacking with the SM (and our troop) on our anniversary the past several years. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

      • This reminds me of the scouts in our troop organizing and performing a 2nd wedding ceremony for our former scoutmaster and his wife on their anniversary while backpacking in Montana.

  2. Fabulous picks. All of these still ring true today, despite uniform and title changes!!

    Although now it’s often the husband sitting at home waiting for his wife, the scoutmaster, to come home!

  3. See the March-April 1992 issue for a collection of Scout cartoons that appeared in other magazines, like The New Yorker, etc.

  4. The rabbit one was so personal. My son’s Den Chief when he was in Cub Day camp, was trying to give away a bunny which he told us was part of his Rabbit Raising Merit Badge. I remembered that and when we rabbit sat our neighbor’s MALE rabbit one weekend, my son, who had just joined Boy Scouts, opened his cage and then opened out FEMALE’s cage and then I heard him yell to me that the rabbit’s were fighting. By the time I ran through the house to the patio they had already mated. Needless to say, 30 days leter, she had a litter of 4 beautiful tiny bunnies. I decided that we were not going to let this experience go to waste, so I took him to the Scout House and bought the rabbit raising merit badge book. It was his first earned merit badge on his way to Eagle.

  5. Good humor! One of our troop’s best anecdotes is about the leader who I’ll dub “Mr. Nature,” who was quite experienced, training the new Scouts about the flora and fauna of the area. Walking through the woods at camp they were discussing identification of trees, bushes and poisonous plants, when the subject turned to poison ivy and the boys were asked if they knew what it looked like – one young lad pointed down and simply said, “Like this stuff?” The entire group was standing in the middle of the patch. It took Mr. Nature several years to live that one down.

  6. It’s always fun to laugh at ourselves and these bring back many memories after all these 4o+ years camping is still fun even if my body takes an extra day to recover.

  7. These are all still funny – my favorite from when I was scout and Mom was a Cub Leader is a picture of a Boy Scout sitting on the floor with TV parts scattered all around him. Mom is standing with dad who just came in from work and excitedly saying, “Guess who is fixing our TV set and we only have to sign his book!!” (or something close to that)

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