Tuesday Talkback: How do you organize belt loops, pins, other recognition items?

Tuesday-TalkbackWhen Cubmaster Lee inherited the position earlier this year, he was pumped to make an even bigger difference in the lives of youth.

That is, until he saw the shape of his pack’s advancement and award collection.

“I inherited multiple plastic bags full of belt loops and pins in no particular order,” he writes. “I’d love to know if others have found some great organizational folders, cabinets, etc. to keep things together.”

Great question, Lee, and it’s one that applies to Boy Scout leaders, as well. Certainly there’s a better solution than a mess of zip-top bags.

Today’s Tuesday Talkback topic is a simple one: How do you store and organize awards and advancement items before presenting them to Scouts? Leave your thoughts on this topic below. If you have ideas for future Tuesday Talkback questions, send them directly to me.

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Photo from Flickr:  Some rights reserved by EvelynGiggles

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Talkback: How do you organize belt loops, pins, other recognition items?

  1. Instead of holding inventory take extras to the scout shop and return them for items you do need. It could be months or even years before someone earns some of those awards. why risk losing or damaging them. Get rid of the inventory. In our pack we email the awards chair a list of who gets what and they buy the awards and separate them by den. The den leaders then divide them by boy prior to the meeting. There is also online services like scutbook.com that allow you to create purchase orders and scoutbook also exports a csv that scoutnet can import.

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