Sept-Oct Where Am I Contest

September-October ‘Where Am I?’ winner, location revealed

One look at the photo is all it took for our September-October “Where Am I?” winner to recognize the mystery location: the Wind River Range in Wyoming.

142 readers submitted their guesses and random number 35 was chosen as our contest winner: Scouter Kathy Borrell of Cochranville, Penn., who says she’s backpacked the rugged terrain of the Wind River Range.

Borrell has won a $100 Supply Group gift card to use at her local Scout Shop or at Congrats!

Don’t miss the latest November-December “Where Am I?” contest that will challenge even the most well-traveled readers. Examine a photo and description of this mystery spot, and submit your guess for a chance to win. Contest ends Dec. 20.

Good luck!

Photo by W. Garth Dowling

2 thoughts on “September-October ‘Where Am I?’ winner, location revealed

  1. I don’t find these “where is this?” games all that engaging. Unless one has been there or seen a picture of it, what does a participant have to go on to even venture a guess? For example, the picture above could be any of a gazillion mountain/lake/meadows in the world, most of which I’ve never been to. Not trying to be a downer and more power to the winners. Just saying that I’ll take one look at a picture and if it doesn’t ring a bell, I don’t even try … which is every time.

  2. You’re right, it could be in my back yard for all we know. But then again, if it was just down the road and I didn’t know it, I might ask my crew about it, then maybe we’d be inspired to go there.

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