Trick-shot tacticians Dude Perfect use the Summit as their latest playground

What happens when you send the purveyors of insane basketball and football trick shots to the BSA’s newest high-adventure playground?

You won’t believe me until you see for yourself.

Last month the guys at Dude Perfect, with 1.7 million YouTube subscribers to their name, visited the Summit for their latest round of extreme trick shots.

Almost anyone can make a half-court basketball shot with enough tries, but these guys take long-distance accuracy to new extremes. I’m talking swishes off climbing walls, nothing-but-net shots from atop the Sustainability Treehouse, and you’ve-gotta-be-kidding-me makes in a moving whitewater raft. And that’s just the beginning.

Now, these guys aren’t Scouts as far as I can tell, but what they’ve done here is raise awareness about Scouting and its newest high-adventure base, officially called the Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base at the Summit (opening summer 2014!). That’s publicity you can’t buy.

As of this writing the video has amassed nearly 800,000 views. That’s more than any BSA video I know of, but it’s the comments that really get me pumped. Like this one: “It is videos like these that make me proud to be a boyscout [sic].” And this: “That place looks sick.” Or this: “Not you [sic] average Boy Scouts video. Check it out!”

What he said. Watch the video for yourself and see a few behind-the-scenes photos after the jump.

Behind-the-Scenes Video and Photos

dude-perfect-2 dude-perfect-3 dude-perfect-4

Photos Courtesy of Gary Hartley/BSA

5 thoughts on “Trick-shot tacticians Dude Perfect use the Summit as their latest playground

  1. Fabulous video, great that they showed so much of the Summitt. I hope that all who watch will get an idea of how great the facility is and comes out next summer when the high adventure base opens

  2. Just a little inside scoop for ya. These guys have literally been all over the world to do trick shots and they’ve worked in some pretty cool sports celebrities into their videos, so you might have guessed this would have been just another walk in the park for the 5 young 20 somethings, but this was not the case. They were COMPLETELY blown away by our newest high adventure base. We would pull up to a new activity area like The Park or the rappelling towers or Barrels and they’d would start high-fiving and saying things like ‘this is THE coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

    Oh, and you should have seen/heard them after the Big Zip. They were on top of the world!

    Watching the guys from Dude Perfect go crazy over the property got me excited thinking about how much our Scouts and Venturers are going to eat this place up for years to come.

    • Thanks for the insider comment. Always great to hear that even those not already in Scouting can appreciate the types of activvities we get to try out!

      Obviously, not everything these young people did but you get the idea.

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