How can an Eagle Scout best thank the troopmates who helped get him there?

At an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Mom, Dad and other key Scouting mentors get recognized for their role in helping a young man reach the Eagle Scout rank. As they should.

But what about the young man’s troopmates? Didn’t they have a part in helping him get to Boy Scouting’s summit?

That’s just what a soon-to-be Eagle Scout from New Jersey wondered in a conversation with his mom this week. He wants to present the boys of Troop 100 with a little token of his appreciation for their role in his journey, she told me in an email.

There’s a special Eagle Scout Mentor pin, but that isn’t appropriate for this young man’s troopmates who were more teammates than mentors. So what should he give them?

Perhaps the best gift this Eagle Scout could give is his continued involvement with the troop, helping to inspire and guide the next wave of Eagle Scouts behind him. Or maybe he could sponsor a lower-income first-year Scout, offering financial and moral support on his journey to First Class.

But you have to appreciate this Eagle-to-be’s desire to give his troopmates something tangible — a certificate, an award, a plaque or something else that’ll be around when he’s aged out of the troop. And this is where you come in. Read the letter from his mother below, and please share your ideas.

Good afternoon!

First I would like to say what a well-written article you did about gifts for an Eagle Scout.

That said, I have a question for you that my son, who is soon to have his Eagle Board of Review, asked of me last night. He would like to present the troop — the boys of the Troop that is — something for helping him attain his Eagle rank.

He understands the mentor pins and already has his adults picked out for this. However, he asked about awarding the whole troop a pin to be displayed in the display case. I don’t feel that the mentor pin is quite the “appropriate” thing he is looking for.

Is there any other “award” he could give to the Troop of boys? Would it be appropriate, if there is no such award, for him to make up a certificate or plaque that shows what he would like to do?

Thanks for your time,

Christine S., Griggstown, N.J.

Thanks, Christine, for writing. So what say you? Leave a comment below with your ideas for Christine and her son.

49 thoughts on “How can an Eagle Scout best thank the troopmates who helped get him there?

  1. A personalized letter thanking the scouts and his troop, that way he can use it as a reference for a job or college

  2. We have a plaque with all the names of our eagle scouts on individual brass plates on the plaque. When prospective new members see that we are active and supportive of our Scouts advancement dreams they typically want to “join that list” It gives me great pride to have those names and dates up there as well as helps to promote our recruiting effort. The boys individual continued participation in the program, ours or others.

  3. Survival bracelets are very popular. Also, any new gear items that help fill out the 10 essentials would be appreciated. My son is in the process of figuring out the same thing right now. There are some really cool small misting bottles at dollar general right now. They would easily hang from a walking staff or a belt clip. Since we will be departing for resident camp right after the court of honor he is leaning strongly towards getting everyone one.

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