Tech blog Gizmodo: Summit treehouse ‘looks just like an Ewok village’

summit-sustainability-treehouse-2I can think of no higher praise than the words used today to describe the Summit’s Sustainability Treehouse.

Alissa Walker, who writes for the popular technology and design blog Gizmodo, said in a blog post that the treehouse “looks just like an Ewok village.”

Any Star Wars fan knows that’s high praise indeed. If the Summit’s creation is suitable for those furry little forest-dwellers, it’s certainly a great spot for Scouts seeking a new perspective on sustainability.

Walker writes: 

The designers also aspired to make the lessons more interactive than the typical educational center. Most notable is the “Rain Chain,” made of stainless steel camping cups, which transfers rainwater falling onto the roof into a cistern below. The cistern cleans and purifies the water then pumps it into a drinking fountain equipped with an LED message board that displays how much has been collected and consumed.

But there’s just one problem, says Walker. The treehouse must “compete with other offerings way more exciting for a 12-year-old boy: zip lines, climbing walls and a skate park.”

To Ms. Walker I say: Scouts who visit the Summit don’t have to pick one or the other. They’ll see it all!

Photos from BSA’s Flickr page

7 thoughts on “Tech blog Gizmodo: Summit treehouse ‘looks just like an Ewok village’

  1. I don’t know about the Ewok village, but it was neat to explore! Fun and interactive lessons everywhere you looked…

  2. I, too, thought the Tree House was a wonderful adventure, even (dare I say it) educational. I wonder what happens to it now, without the hoards of visitors, does it get “mothballed” til 4 years hence, or does some of it get “on the road” for a traveling exhibit? Using electric or re-cycled cooking oil diesel to power it’s truck? Do visitors to the Summit (another question??) get to visit it?
    Seems a shame to end such a wonderfukl display. Has the PTB considered an ongoing presentation, somehow, somewhere??

  3. Tech blog Gizmodo drops F-bombs in their articles like a tree dropping leaves in the fall. Let’s not link to that trash from an official BSA site, Bryan.

  4. Sorry but I feel that it is an awfully expensive feature that seems more fitting for a home expo than a high adventure camp. I wish they would of put as much expense in the SO CALLED white water rafting adventure .

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