Enter to win BSA-themed sunglasses, Scouting magazine patches

Can wearing sunglasses count as doing a Good Turn?

Sure, if you’re sporting Merit Shades.

Every time you purchase a pair of the new officially licensed Boy Scouts of America sunglasses, Merit Shades donates a pair of sunglasses to a child in Haiti.

The $40 sunglasses — available for $20 with promo code MERIT — come in two flavors — red and white for Boy Scouting and blue and gold for Cub Scouting. (See more photos after the jump.) Each pair is built from 90 percent recycled plastic and features polarized lenses. They come in a zippered case with a carabiner for easy attachment to a backpack or belt loop.

Merit Shades sent me 20 pairs of its sunglasses to give away to blog readers, meaning 20 of you will be wearing these to your next Scout campout or unit meeting. I’m also throwing in two Scouting magazine 100th Anniversary patches for each winner.

To enter the contest, click here. And for a closer look at Merit Shades, follow the jump.


merit-shades-boyscoutsmerit-shades-cubscouts2 merit-shades-cubscouts


18 thoughts on “Enter to win BSA-themed sunglasses, Scouting magazine patches

  1. Bryan,

    I seem to remember that Haiti had an earthquake a few years back. I also hear reports that the Haitian people do not have enough to eat as well and housing is nothing more than a pile of rubble. So why do they need sunglasses? Send them shelter or food instead. Perhaps all of the tents used at the Jamboree! Or the patrol boxes. I know that you are only handling the blog, so I am not saying this to bash you either. This blog doesn’t seem right to me.

    • This is not for you to say here. I believe sunglasses are important for all young eyes. Kelly, you should have found another way to help and not posted this comment. Bryan had no choice as to where the glasses were going. That was the sunglass people’s choice.

  2. I agree with Kelly. Sunglasses seems a needless frivolity for a populace that often struggles to find disease-free water and shoes.

    • That may be so but did anyone read the story behind it? Merit Shades is working in cooperation with the “his vision project.” This was started by an optometrist to free eye examinations, medical treatment, and prescription glasses in hopes of brightening the future of children in need. There are other projects around that help with other needs. This company sells sunglasses, so they are helping these children by giving away a pair of sunglasses to a Haitian child for every pair someone buys. Help is help and sunglasses are important. If you want to help them in another way, there are thousands of organizations out there that are bound to fit your definition of help.

  3. Man, I’d love a pair of Venturing 15th Anniversary glasses. Or maybe Venturing 15th Anniversary ANYTHING. I’ve never known BSA ScoutStuff to miss an opportunity to sell stuff. Rather surprising.

  4. I hate to by cynical, but will: I am sure that the sun glass donation makes some executive at Merit Shades feel good about themselves because they are “helping the poor in Haiti.” Once again, however, someone is confusing activity with progress. The cost to Merit Shades to make their product is so small that donating a pair of glasses for each one sold costs them so very little.

    The best thing that any group can donate after a disaster is money. It can purchase what is necessary so that a place doesn’t end up with 1000 cots they do not need need. There is little cost to transfer money so one does not have to find transportation and driver at little or no cost to move the goods from Nome AK to Gulfport MS.

    I am sure that the people in Haiti would enjoy a host of other things besides sunglasses starting with food, shelter, & clothing.

  5. Every little bit helps. It’s probably not the most efficient use of money but they ARE in the sunglasses business so what would you expect? I think it’s a nice gesture. (By the way, I tried to sign up for the contest but the stupid website said that my email address doesn’t exist. If so, how did I post this message hmm?)

  6. Every time a contest ends and I try to enter the next one, my email address is rejected. After changing my address three times and contacting Scouting Magazine about the problem several times, I just gave up on the website and the contests. If others have the same problem, please let them know so maybe they can fix it!

  7. Cataracts are a serious problem in developing countries like Haiti. Protecting the eyesight of children is essential to providing them with the opportunities we take for granted in the United States like learning to read, access to higher education, and living productive adult lives.

    While I respect peoples’ comments suggesting that donations of money are better than sunglasses, I encourage them to see the good will and health benefits created by Merit Shades empowering scouts and their families in the US to give to Haiti. Each person who buys a pair of Merit Shades always has an opportunity to donate money to Haiti, what this company has done is spur people into action by automating a donation with each purchase.

    Impressive Merit Shades, I wish there were more companies like you.

  8. Years ago, my optometrist told me I had the beginnings of a sun-related optical disorder. He said the very simple way to stop its progress was to wear sunglasses any time I was outdoors. It’s true that food and water are more basic needs, but sunglasses aren’t a frivolous nicety – they save the eyes – and that’s important to Haitians too. Give Merit a break – they are giving from their area of expertise.

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