Watch highlights of the Scout-built race car’s Florida debut

Good news: The real-life race car built entirely by untrained Scouts and Venturers at the jamboree in July didn’t fall apart in the middle of its racing debut Saturday in Florida.

Better news: The car, helmed by friend of Scouting Scott Lagasse Jr., performed as beautifully as it looked and was driven to a third-place finish.

It all happened at Volusia Speedway Park, located about an hour north of Orlando, Fla. You can watch video highlights of both the car’s construction at the jamboree and its debut at Saturday’s race at this page on the Team SLR website.

After finishing in bronze-medal position, Scotty took to the radio to thank the Scouts and Venturers who helped build the car and filled its exterior with thousands of colorful signatures.

“Good job, guys. That was fun,” he said. “We drew the worst starting position you could get, and we’re racing against some of the best racers in the Southeast. I’m a fan of you guys. Scouts, thank you. Huge fan.”

The feeling’s mutual, Scotty.

5 thoughts on “Watch highlights of the Scout-built race car’s Florida debut

  1. Got to see it that night….what a great feature race. Scotty didn’t want to bump the car and get it dented because of the scouts building the car, so you could see him back off when anyone got close. After someone bumped him, it was game on and he got all the way up to second before a couple of caution flags left him disadvantaged. What a fun race overall and what a great car!

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