Philmont’s 2015 registration period opens Oct. 29; watch this new promo video while you wait

It seems like just about everyone wants to go (or go back) to Philmont.

And so when it comes to the hiking mecca’s 12-day and seven-day summer expeditions, demand far exceeds supply.

That’s why Philmont Scout Ranch has in place a lottery system, giving interested Scout troops and Venturing crews a fair shot at scoring a spot at the New Mexico high-adventure base.

Mark your calendar now for when the 2015 lottery opens on Oct. 29, 2013. Entries will be taken online into November, and a random draw takes place in early December. You’ll find a registration packet online at Philmont’s official website by mid-October.

In the meantime, check out this terrific new promotional video, which features testimonials from Scouts, Scouters and Venturers fresh off a Philmont trek. The common theme in their comments: “This was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Take a look:

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4 thoughts on “Philmont’s 2015 registration period opens Oct. 29; watch this new promo video while you wait

  1. Thanks for highlighting this opportunity, Bryan.

    Scouting’s National High Adventure bases give opportunities which enhance and test the skills that Scouting has taught. 12 days in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, days on the water at Northern Tier or on the Gulf at Sea Base are capstones of a Scout’s experience, but also provide an experience that can propel a young man or woman forward in life. They truly are what Mr. Philips called the “university of the outdoors.”

    In 1995 I finished my 12-day trek at the Ranch. I had seen Philmont before, and was excited to return. But after a six days on the trail, the typical duration of summer camp and many other troop long-term camping opportunities, I felt tired and ready to go home. Looking back now, finishing that trek taught me a great deal about myself and my ability to finish the task at hand, no matter how large. In future years, working at the Ranch taught me how to deal with problems large and small, from Scouts or Scouters. These are critical skills in one’s adult life- I constantly reflect on the lessons I learned dealing with issues of group dynamics, problem solving and more that my time as a trekker and staffer taught me.

    Just as important as these treks are the individual programs that the National High Adventure bases offer. From Philmont’s Rayado program to the Order of the Arrow’s efforts at Northern Tier, Scouts are offered the opportunity to come without the rest of their unit, to experience even more specialized High Adventure.

    I hope you’ll continue to highlight those individual programs. Baden Powell taught that “Scouting is a game with a purpose.” That purpose becomes most clear though these universities of the outdoors.

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