Three new videos to entertain, inspire, help you recruit

Authentic, gritty, visceral. That’s how I describe three new videos released today by the Boy Scouts of America.

They’re yours to view, download for offline viewing, share and use as you see fit. Each gives a compelling picture of what effect Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting can have on local communities like yours.

There’s the story of a mom in East Los Angeles who started a Cub Scout pack and saw it bring families together in her community. Or the heroic tale of a Boy Scout in New York who jumped into action during Hurricane Sandy. And there’s a nice piece released in conjunction with the new online Cub Scout idea repository called Cub Hub that shares the flavor of life in a den and pack.

Each video lasts less than two minutes. That’s a good reminder to units creating videos that attention spans won’t hold for very long — and that two minutes is often all you need to deliver a powerful message.

Watch the videos after the jump.

Cub Hub

New York Boy Scout

Los Angeles Cub Scout Mom

6 thoughts on “Three new videos to entertain, inspire, help you recruit

  1. I am waiting for the video instruction regarding January 1, 2014 and all of it’s ramifications. No pun to the newcomers. You know, the ins and outs. Dang it. How far do we go until we report the youth for violations as taught in Youth Protection – Inappropriate actions, suggestions ect. BY the way, doesn’t a leader, including those from Texas, having his hands on youths shoulder, not related to them, constitute a violation or potential violation that needs to be reported and investigated for safety sake? Just asking.

  2. I hate to nitpick, but if we’re going to be using these to recruit Cubs, shouldn’t the videos be consistent with the actual program?

    Why is the Woodworking merit badge shown in the Cub Scout recruiting video? (at 0:12) Cub Scouts don’t earn merit badges. I know it’s almost a subliminal glimpse of the badge, but what’s the point of it?

    And the “Cub Scout Mom” video talks about how great it is that they’re doing sailing lessons for their pack. The Guide to Safe Scouting says “Cub Scout activities afloat are limited to council or district events that do not include moving water or float trips (expeditions).” As a District Commissioner, what do I tell a pack leader who sees this new BSA video and decides to have sailing lessons for her pack, too?

  3. These are great videos, but can you pass along to the person that manages the YouTube channel to spend a few minutes on the description? I just shared one of them on my Pack’s Facebook page, and the description is just “Cub HUB FINAl V6”.

    The professionalism of the videos is undermined by this sloppiness.

  4. I hate to add to the negativity, let’s try to call it constructive criticism. For me the third video is marked private. The Cub Hub video leads me to believe that we have abandoned uniforms as a Cub Scouting method. And how can the BSA promote “Be Prepared” in a situation where a Scout Leader failed to evacuate his family in the face of a major storm and his son violated every expert warning and all the principles of safe swim defense by wading into flood waters. There must be better examples that could have been used. And why the odd aspect ratio? Were these intended for movie theaters?

  5. Just a note to say excellent job of promoting the values, aims, ideals, and goals of the scouting program. Thank-you for sharing and for providing some ideas on recruitment and retainment of scouts. Dan

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