Scout-built race car hits the track this weekend, and you can watch online


Update, Aug. 20: Despite Saturday’s dreary weather, Scouts were ready to cheer on Scott Lagasse Jr. as he prepared to race his Scout-built car on the dirt track at Volusia Speedway Park near Orlando, Fla. However, rain canceled the event. The race has been rescheduled to Saturday, Aug. 31.

So just how fast (and structurally sound) was that race car built and autographed by Scouts and Venturers at the 2013 National Jamboree?

We’re about to find out.

Scott Lagasse Jr. will drive the Scout- and Venturer-built car in a dirt-track race this Saturday at Volusia Speedway Park, located about an hour north of Orlando, Fla.

The race is free for Scouts in uniform, and each Scout can bring a friend for free, too. Parents get in for $8.

If you can’t make the race, here’s Plan B: Beginning at 7 p.m. EDT on Sunday, you’ll be able to watch a video of the action at the Team SLR website.

Either way, it’ll be a great opportunity to spread the good word about Scouting while letting the Scouts and Venturers who built the car show off their work to friends and family.

Speaking of showing off, it’s not too late to get the official Team SLR “I Built That” T-shirt. Read my post for details.

3 thoughts on “Scout-built race car hits the track this weekend, and you can watch online

  1. As a fellow race team owner, I too would like to spread the word of scouting, but was told that I had to ponie up $100K for the right to use the Scout logo.

    • Really? You need to do your homework. The BSA doesn’t pay that team a dime for the millions in exposure scouting is going to receive. I’ll bet you that they’ll spend way over that $100K in events like the Summit.

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