Saying ‘hi’ from the high seas: Watch Eagle Scout argonaut on live webcast

cb-wrenSomewhere in the Gulf of Mexico right now, an Eagle Scout is making history.

CB Wren, the 16-year-old selected as this year’s Eagle Scout argonaut, is aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus as part of an international team exploring geology, biology, archaeology and chemistry. The Nautilus is owned by Dr. Bob Ballard, the oceanographer who discovered the Titanic.

You can follow CB and his fellow explorers right now at Or do one better and tune in at 5 p.m. EDT tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 16) for the live webcast where students and explorers aboard the ship will answer questions about their week of living and working in the Gulf.

Seems like an ideal way to inspire the soon-to-be Eagles in your life — or anyone you know who has a passion for exploration.

CB and the other argonauts are spending the week exploring the underwater environment following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, mapping natural hydrocarbons and studying a shipwreck.

What is the JASON National Argonaut program?

According to the program’s official site, it provides “hands-on, scientific field work to over 460 competitively selected students and educators worldwide, many of whom have gone on to pursue degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). National Argonauts participate in scientific research with peers and scientists and return to their communities as mentors and role models.

“During their voyages, the Argonauts will be engaged in at-sea activities with scientists and engineers, during which they will learn basic navigation and oceanographic sampling techniques. They will also be immersed in life at sea alongside the Corps of Exploration and ship’s crew.”

How was CB selected?

He completed a rigorous application process earlier this year that included writing an essay and submitting a video (which you can watch below).

This is the second year for the Eagle Scout argonaut program, and if it returns for 2014, you’ll want to encourage Eagle Scouts you know to apply. Be sure you like the National Eagle Scout Association on Facebook as that’s where you’ll hear about news like this first.

Watch CB’s application video

3 thoughts on “Saying ‘hi’ from the high seas: Watch Eagle Scout argonaut on live webcast

  1. Got to hear Dr. Ballard speak at the National Annual Meeting about the program and they introduced the Eagle Scout argonauts as well. Very cool program to be a part of.

  2. This is awesome. I can’t wait to tell some of our scouts as we just returned from Martha’s Vineyard for resident camp. While we were there the boys that took oceanography merit badge went to the Oceanography Institute in Woods Hole. They learned about all of the ships (including the Natilus) & other vehicles they use. It was such an interesting fun day.

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