It’s no secret: NSA Deputy Director is a Distinguished Eagle Scout

Inglis-portraitWhile you were probably surprised to learn about the National Security Agency’s secret spying programs back in May, you might not be shocked to find out one of the top officials at the NSA is an Eagle Scout.

After all, we already know Eagle Scouts make great politicians, athletes, entertainers, businessmen, Scoutmasters, dads and well-rounded guys. Why wouldn’t an Eagle Scout sit atop the NSA as its Deputy Director, the top civilian at the agency who essentially serves as chief operating officer?

In a recent Bloomberg Businessweek blog post, titled “Hidden Hand: Chris Inglis, the Eagle Scout at the NSA,” writer Michael Riley introduced us to Inglis, who has worked for 27 years at the NSA. The blog post is brief, but we did learn that Inglis acts like an Eagle Scout at the office. Just read this compliment from the article:

“Chris has had a rapid rise,” says James Lewis, a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies who’s known Inglis for more than a decade. “He’s not the kind of guy who gets caught unprepared.” Unflappable and famous for his prodigious memory, Inglis is widely admired within the agency and on the Hill. “Chris has off-the-charts people skills,” says Tony Sager, a former senior official at the NSA. Colleagues also say the longtime Eagle Scout projects a Scout-like earnestness.

Inglis, a Distinguished Eagle Scout, is another example of how Scouts go on to reach great heights, in their professions and in life.

Now that’s a message nobody wants to keep secret.

H/T: Thanks to pro Scouter Jeffrey Griffin for the blog post idea

9 thoughts on “It’s no secret: NSA Deputy Director is a Distinguished Eagle Scout

  1. “This isn’t the place to debate the NSA. Instead, let’s all agree on this: Inglis, a Distinguished Eagle Scout, is another example of how Scouts go on to do great things”.So, you imply that NSA or serving an spying organization is a “great thing”? Come on, Brian…

  2. @Bryan Agree that this is not the place to debate the NSA.

    However, with the NSA being in the news for the domestic spying, perhaps this is not the best time to feature an Eagle Scout as a senior member in that organization. Tone deafness, at best…

  3. Point understood about recognizing accomplishments of scouts. However. You cannot logically begin a blog post with, “While you were probably surprised to learn about the National Security Agency’s secret spying programs back in May….” and then end same blog post with a note for commenters not to talk about the NSA.

    It’s a blog post. People discuss what’s in it; author beware.

  4. Mr. Inglis has certainly risen to great heights and has gained a lot of notoriety. The fact that he is an Eagle Scout did nothing to improve my opinion of him or the conduct of his agency.

  5. An Eagle Scout? For what communist or dictatorial country? Inglis must not have taken Cit. in The Community or Cit. in The Nation Merit badges. No doubt he did study well The World a he is helping POTUS head us into a One World Order. If Anyone is offended by words describing Inglis as a TRAITOR to The United States Constitution And America, I say to you, HOW IS THAT HOPE AND CHANGE NOW?

  6. One more example of the poor judgement BSA uses when awarding the Distinguished Eagle Award and the Silver Buffalo. You either have to be a millionaire or hold some lofty position. Either way BSA would rather award someone who encourages his subordinates to violate their oath to the Constitution, than friends of mine who have poured their hearts and souls into the Scouting movement. Good lesson for our young men. The politics of power and money is greater than good deeds. Real nice, BSA.

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