At action archery, a friendly rivalry forms

While waiting in line for action archery this afternoon at the Bows, I met Matt, a Scout from Troop A210 in Georgia. He challenged me to a friendly competition to see who could hit the higher number of targets at this difficult but exciting activity at the 2013 National Jamboree.

In action archery, foam discs fly through the air perpendicular to the archers. The trick is aiming the arrow far enough ahead of the disc to make contact. It takes a lot of getting used to and gave me newfound respect for Katniss Everdeen and all the nonfictional versions of her out there.

As I waited in line, I saw target after target get hit. When an arrow strikes the disc, its flight path ends and it falls straight down in a rather satisfying way. I was ready to see the same happen with a few of my shots.

I picked up my bow and grabbed an arrow. Just before we got the whistle signaling the start of firing, Matt offered one last helpful piece of advice: “You’re going down, Bryan!” Good to know.

Twenty arrows later, which of us came out ahead?

Let’s call it a tie. We each hit exactly … zero targets. But we still had a blast and high-fived each other afterward. All in good fun, and fun’s just what action archery’s all about. Does your council camp offer it?

Full, uncropped photo:


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5 thoughts on “At action archery, a friendly rivalry forms

  1. Properly called Sporting Arrows, it is an exhibition event for the BSA. Based on the feedback from the participants and the interest from leaders, I would expect to start seeing these at a Council event near you. For more info see
    Your in Scouting,
    2013 NSJ Archery Staff Member

  2. This one event that gives me “jamb envy”. I’m decent at stationary targets, so a challenge like this might be what I need in my old age.

  3. I love Matt, he has been always respectful but daring. at four yrs old. he rode a fast wheelchair in my grandson Armando’s lap. Armando was quadriplegic and riding with Matt was one of his joys.

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