At the jamboree, I run into my blog’s biggest fan

It’s not every day you see a stranger holding a sign with your name on it.

In fact, I can say it’s never happened to me — until today. Strolling near the AT&T Summit Stadium this afternoon, I happened across Hunter, a Scout from C346 out of Georgia.

Turns out he’s my biggest fan and even created a cardboard sign that reads “Where’s Bryan on Scouting?” Hunter told me he reads my blog every day and has been “looking everywhere for me” at the jamboree, thus the sign.

Just to have anyone read and enjoy my blog is humbling, but Hunter really made my day today. I told him how flattered I was and posed for a picture with him. Now I’m one of his biggest fans, too. Follow the jump for the photo, and thanks to Hunter!


18 thoughts on “At the jamboree, I run into my blog’s biggest fan

  1. I’m a BSA Scouter living and working in Afghanistan as anadvisor to the Afghan Girl and Boy Scout program, read your blog everyday, thought I was your biggest fan, and am jealous of Hunter:-)

  2. I hope to see you on Monday, if you’re still there. Should I bring a sign too or will you be in a designated place?

  3. Looks like everyone having a wonderful time there. Would have been great to be there. Bad leg kept me from it this time.

    • Doug, I was waiting for someone to point that out! I was wearing my Scout shorts, socks and belt but was down to just a few clean shirts!

  4. Bryan On Scouting or Bryan on Jamboree makes for an awesome read. I know TJ in A342 would love for you to stop in for a howdy and a handshake. Cancer kept me home this year but the Scout and Survivor will be there in 2017.

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