Jamboree Scouts show off their prized patch possessions

Like the dinner menu, a Scout’s favorite patch changes daily at the jamboree.

But this afternoon, I walked around asking Scouts to show off what they consider their coolest patch — for today, at least.

These were mainly national jamboree patches, though one Scout chose a Cub Scout day camp patch “because it has a smiling Bigfoot on it.”

Hey, who’s to say he’s wrong? Here are 13 patches Scouts picked out when I asked for their favorite. Before each photo I’ve listed the Scout’s first name, jamboree troop number, and the council represented on the Scout’s favorite patch:

Cameron, B150, Cascade Pacific Council


Phil, B333, Greater Niagara Frontier Council


Ian, C121, Indian Nations Council


Joe, B153, Baltimore Area Council


Nick, A221, Connecticut Yankee Council


Ishaan, B115, Central Florida Council


Allie, visiting Venturer from Pee Dee Area Council, Grand Canyon Council (2005)


Ryan, D421, Twin Valley Council


Patrick, D421, Grand Canyon Council (2013)


Gabriel, D329, Redwood Empire Council


Bobby, D103, Teton Peaks Council


Oscar, D311, Yucca Council


Kameron, A404, Mt. Diablo Silverado Council


8 thoughts on “Jamboree Scouts show off their prized patch possessions

  1. looking for a shoulder/council patch with “don’t blink” from Dr. Who… anyone know of where this was from

  2. My son got the Cascade Pacific Council’s Dark Horse patch set but didn’t get 4 of the pins. Does anyone know how he can get pins individually for this set without buying the entire pin set?

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