BSA Chief conducts the Jamboree Band

Forty-one years after he was a high school band director, Wayne Brock hasn’t lost his touch.

Late this morning, the Boy Scouts of America’s Chief Scout Executive took over and led the band in a couple of tunes, including the classic “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

George Pinchock, the Jamboree Band’s official director, stepped aside for the Chief’s turn. Pinchock even presented Mr. Brock with an official Jamboree Band Director training certificate. After all, what Scouting position is complete without a little training certification?

The Chief looked comfortable in front of the group, moving his arms in time with the beat and accentuating key moments in the songs with a forceful pump of his fist.

Nice job to our Chief for a moment these young musicians won’t soon forget.

More photos after the jump…




10 thoughts on “BSA Chief conducts the Jamboree Band

  1. Very cool…I was in the Jamboree Band at the 1989 Jambo and it was a great experience. We got to go all over the place to play and even played next to the “President’s Own” when President Bush came to speak to the scouts.

  2. The Chief Scout Executive “toots his own horn” – no news here! Please show him doing serious work and not using Scouts to promote himself!

  3. The oldest scout band in America is on its way to the Jamboree. Maybe he would like to step in with the Crossroads of America Scout Band when they perform at the Jamboree? We’ve been in operation since 1917.

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