One day before the start, the Summit overflows with potential energy

The 2013 National Jamboree is a sprinter on the starting blocks, muscles flexed, brimming with the potential energy of things to come. Can you feel it?

Tomorrow morning, the first buses arrive onsite, and that potential energy becomes kinetic. You’ll see it manifesting itself on zip-lines, BMX tracks, skate parks and climbing walls. Friendships will be formed, patches swapped and lives changed (that’s no exaggeration).

But today, things are comparatively quiet. There are bridges waiting to be crossed (literally) and merit badge instructors awaiting their Scout students. Colorful dragon boats, with paint still gleaming, bob idly on a calm lake. The skate park doesn’t have a scratch on it.

Everything is ready; all we need are the Scouts, Venturers and leaders who arrive tomorrow.

I got here today, and even though I was here last year around this time, I recognized little.

I had heard construction took place ’round the clock over the past year, and it shows. This place sparkles, with hidden surprises around every turn.

Put simply, the Summit Bechtel Reserve is a breathtaking piece of property that you absolutely must add to your Scouting bucket list. I can’t wait for you to see it.

Much more to come as I report live from the 2013 jamboree.

Here are a few photos I snapped today:





8 thoughts on “One day before the start, the Summit overflows with potential energy

  1. Thanks to all that worked so hard to get this off the ground. The scouts and adults (attending or observing from home) are all so excited! Stay safe and ENJOY!!!

  2. My son is just about packed and will be up VERY early to travel tomorrow. (Of course I will too!) I’m very excited for him to have this opportunity to be one of the scouts at the first Jamboree!

  3. My son is volunteering at the Zip Line, my husband is volunteering at Bravo Camp. I’m watching it all online from home. History is being made right here right now. Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  4. One of the NM troops is leaving Washington DC area this evening and they are anxious to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Thank you to all those who are there to provide the program and all the preparations for an amazing 10 days of Scouting fun! 🙂

  5. Bryan I and many others arrived at the Jamboree on Wednesday July 10th and went to work Thursday finishing preparing the pistol and rifle ranges and classroom briefing and instructions for Monday for the Scouts I was simply amazed at all the work that had been done to prepare all of the Summit for the Jamboree. Congratulation’s to the organizers and preparer’s to which included the Armed forces and reserves for all their hard work. As staff for the Shooting Sports it was a privilege to be assigned to the high powered rifle event and what a crew we had Dick Heft and his team is to be congratulated for their outstanding professionalism and commitment to the BSA. We worked everyday without a day off Sundays were half a day off. It was worth all the sacrifice that was needed by the staff all over the Jamboree to make sure that the Scouts would have a great experience to provide a lasting memory of what it is like to be a Boy Scout at a Jamboree. I look forward to the 2017 Jamboree and maybe the 2019 World Jamboree at the Summit Lord willing. I will be in my 80’s so I will need help from my Heavenly Father. Sincerely Trenton Spears

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