When you care enough to send your jamboree Scouts a treat …

jamboxNo offense, moms and dads, but I may have found something that bests the letter from home.

Send a JAMBOX to your Scouts attending the 2013 National Scout Jamboree later this month.

The $20 care package includes candy, cookies, trail mix, glow sticks, a bouncy ball, a mini first-aid kid, two patches, and a coupon for $5 off a jamboree towel.

Delivery is free. Your participant will get his or her box with the mail on July 17, July 19, or July 22 — your choice.

You’ll need the participant’s name and his or her troop number to order.

40 thoughts on “When you care enough to send your jamboree Scouts a treat …

  1. How can I send this to my son whose birthday is July 17th? He is a Trek Guide, but staff is not listed as a delivery option. The only choices are the sub camps. “E” is not listed and you can’t write in the box.

    • Do you know his ‘troop number’. I am Merit Badge booth staff, and I have a ‘Troop Number’.

    • Please look again, “Echo” is “E” sub camp – it’s for Staff. You probably scrolled right by it …

  2. More marketing! Love the included coupon for $5 off buying more Jambo stuff… Think I can send my own care package for less with things I know my son will want and be able to eat. 😉

  3. Jambo is great, but don’t forget those Scouts who can’t go and are back home. They need to have program too, I know of a troop whose summer camp program has failed this year as all of the adult leaders in the troop were all going to Jambo.

    • Man scouts you gotta love them…

      J….were are all of the other adults/parents who could have taken the troop to summer camp????? or how about scheduling in june or earilier in july???????

      • Bob, in most units only a small percentage of the adults are the ones who are trained and committed to going on adults. Jambo attendance on the unit/individual level consumes resources both time and $$$$, which precludes attending both camp and Jambore. I know some troops are able to attend summer camp and HA or Jamboree in one year, but most lack the resources.
        This is my observation over the years.

    • Shame that the parents couldn’t join the Troop Cmte to make summer camp happen for their kids. A few hours of online training and they could eligible to take the troop to camp.

      • That was my point….

        All the parents sitting on their hands wailing about the lack of program and how the boys who stayed home are suffering…..

        Well I took our troop to summer camp, my son is off to the jambo in a couple of weeks. while gone the troop is going canoeing……Son will miss it, oh well. life goes on.

  4. Nice idea and may be a nice touch however….everything I have read about our time at the Summit says to be wary of critters. I’ve been telling our troop/parents that if they are going to send packages, please NO food. Now we see this sanctioned by the BSA.

    • Daniel,
      You are absolutely right, food is not permitted inside participants’ tents, and it’s noted on the box insert. They can enjoy and share the treats with friends as soon as it arrives, while saving the fun items and handy first aid kit for the rest of Jamboree and beyond.

    • Bryan.. Me thinks your posting need a bit expanding to include Councils units going with a DIFFERENT Troop number than one’s home Troop number and Ida’s staff question.

      • If you actually go to the jambox site it is very apparent you need your scouts Jamboree troop number

    • Ida in Central PA, Staff can receive a Jambox too. Just select “Echo – Staff” subcamp in troop pull-down listing.

  5. Interesting this says ‘peanut free’ but I can see Snyder’s pretzels there, which do have a peanut warning on the packet. I am surprised this is even mentioned though as there is NO PROVISION whatsoever at Jamboree for boys who have food allergies. The only advice we were given for our extremely peanut-allergic son was to ‘pack all his food.’ Thank you, Boy Scouts of America. Not. Pack food for 2 weeks? It really would not have been difficult to provide nut-free food for the boys, or at least to provide safe alternatives.

    • Quit whining….

      There is absolutely nothing preventing you from making your own nut free version and mailing it to your boy……We got the mailing address last week..

      • Oh Bob, you are a charmer, I can tell. If you read my comment again, my complaint is not this box, which is crazy expensive. Also with no food allowed in the tents, this seems to be rather a dumb idea. In any case, my issue is that there is no accommodation whatsoever for scouts with food allergies at Jamboree. So we have to pack two weeks of food to send with him to make sure he is safe. THAT is my complaint. Schools do it, most every other camp or event we have ever been to, does it. It’s not hard to do, but the Boy Scouts have chosen to ignore this issue. I don’t know how other parents are coping, but this is a major problem, and one that nearly kept my kid from being able to attend.

        • The food at Jamboree were all accommodated for Scouts with allergy problems…

  6. What’s a Mini First Aid Kid? In my head I see a little person hopping out of the box and doing first aid. lol

  7. I’m told there will be boxes at each campsite to put snacks in so the scouts won’t have food in their tents. I think the Jambox is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  8. No offense National Jamboree but this is ridiculous! A care package from mom, while not profitable for you, is so much better!

  9. My son just got his, sent me a text thanking me “so much”, and said he ate the cookies….wonderful idea and it was easy to order. Thanks for the “heads up”!

  10. They have had a delay in shipping out the boxes. So some that were supposed to get their box yesterday, won’t get it until today or tomorrow.

  11. I ordered a box for a youth staff member for the first delivery date. He has not gotten it yet. How do I follow up? Thanks.

  12. My son got his last night before the lightning and rain came in. Said it really helped him and his buddies get through the storm. Sometimes things just work out right! 🙂

  13. Talked to my Scout last night, he got his Jambox right before the rain and lightning moved in. He said it really helped them get through the storm. Sometimes things just work out. 🙂

  14. There is still 4 more days of Jambo, so hopefully the boxes will be delivered. I’ll admit that I almost didn’t order when I could find no company nor customer service info on the website. Anyone know how to contact them?

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