At the 2013 jamboree, even the food boxes look cool

jamboree-box-3By now you’ve heard all about the “big things” you’ll see at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree: the zip lines, the skate parks, the canopy tours, the shooting sports, the climbing walls, and on and on.

Today, check out one example of a “little thing”: the official jamboree food boxes. They’re proof that with this jamboree, no detail has been overlooked.

These impressively designed boxes are what Scouts will use for carrying food back to their campsites each day. Remember those bulky plastic bins from past jamborees? Those are history.

Taking their place are these cardboard boxes, which will be collected at the end of the jamboree for use in the construction of a surprise recycling project.

Follow the jump for an additional image that lets you study all sides of the boxes and see that there’s more than first meets the eye… 


Did you spot the Summit Grace on the side of the box?

It makes sense to put this new prayer on food boxes where it will be in clear view of Scouts and Venturers at mealtime.

The Summit Grace reads:

For this time and this place
For Your goodness and grace
For each friend we embrace
We thank Thee, O Lord.

21 thoughts on “At the 2013 jamboree, even the food boxes look cool

  1. Are these boxes re-used during the Jamboree? The plastic bins might have been bulky but they didn’t generate waste. Can you provide information on what BSA is doing to reduce the trash generated by Jamboree?

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t worry about reuse and recycle during the Jambo….Duct tape… Slide down the hill in dabox… Cardboard boat regatta… Firm up those sloppy sided duffles…. Skit props (Ugliest man cover, lighthouse base, machines, etc.)… Shelves in camp… mud hole covers (sidewalks?)…. wet seat covers… Signage boards… And, they just might be brought back to the commissary for refilling with edibles…

  3. OK, we now know about food boxes. How about information on laundry facilities for staff. The duffle might hold a week’s worth of clothes, and many of us will be there for at least two weeks.

  4. Laundry? Don’t you remember the summer camp hygiene instructions?
    “Okay guys, Mr. Jenkins said that as your Patrol Leader, I had to talk to you about our hygiene, or something like that. He said he promised our parents that he’d make sure we changed our underwear regularly. So, Pete, you change with Mark, Mark you change with Sammy, Sammy you change with Chuck….”

  5. Considering it’s going to rain at least a few times, how waterproof are these cardboard boxes? I hope they’re at least wax-lined, else You’re going to have a disaster on your hand the first time scouts go to get food in a downpour.

  6. So the Jambo is over. The boxes were functional, were used as muddy walk covers, patch store shelves, charity food donation sorting, shipping stuff home on the bus, rain protection during the sabbath services, shade during the shows, seats for sitting on by the charging station(“hey look! Mine’s up to 28%!”) , storage in the medical section, , signs pointing toward the Big Zip, . And artwork (see youtube). There were not waterproof, were sometimes mislabeled, were easy to carry (in carts), and often the Troop might not find all the meal ingredients until too late in the meal. More sanitary than a swabbed out plastic basket,(that was the concern, I think), and served the purpose. Lots of’em were recycled (did you see the piles of detritus on thursday morn??)Nice box. I haven’t seen any on ebay for sale yet…..
    So how was your trip home?

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