Form and function: This Boys’ Life jamboree map is more than a work of art

Bribe, borrow, beg — whatever it takes, you must get your hands on your son’s copy of the July 2013 edition of Boys’ Life magazine.

For adult leaders, swiping the latest Boys’ Life is a timeless tradition. But the newest issue has something you really can’t miss.

Inside you’ll find a fully illustrated map of the Scott Summit Center, aka the hub of the action at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

Artwork with this level of detail and amount of activities happening simultaneously is reminiscent of those classic Where’s Waldo? books. Like those books, you could spend a long time studying every detail. Notice, for example, that some participants are wearing green uniforms instead of khaki, a reminder that this jamboree is the first to include Venturers. And you can spot Baden-Powell?

But more than just a frame-worthy piece of art, the map serves an important purpose. It’s a detailed, useful navigation tool to direct you to the nearest restroom, trading post, food stand, hydration station, or first aid tent. Activity areas are highlighted, too. You’ll find the challenge course, skate park, Sustainability Treehouse, daily stages, Brownsea Island, and (perhaps most importantly) the spot where Pedro will spend his jamboree.

There are two ways to get the map. If you’re impatient like me, you’ll want to grab the July 2013 edition of Boys’ Life to start planning how you’ll see it all. Visitors and participants, meanwhile, will get a version of the map when they arrive on site. 

Check out a low-resolution preview below: 


16 thoughts on “Form and function: This Boys’ Life jamboree map is more than a work of art

  1. Bryan – so much info is coming out about Jambo 2013 (my grandson is attending) in piecemeal form it is difficult to get a hand on it. One of the things that has really been a hassle is the bug-ridden website that we had to use for registering, paying for things like whitewater, helping him prioritize the activities, etc. and the use of non-universal browsers, etc. Suggest post-Jambo you request feedback on the Jambo, especially the computer aspect of it, so that National or whoever handles planning for 2017 could start now in making the website non-user-surly (i.e., user friendly), and get the info out earlier. I’d be happy to work with you remotely in analysis of some of the comments and suggestions…It is imperative that it be smoother next Jambo. I know many were frustrated with the process…I called Irving several times to see if what was put in actually made in into the system. This map will probably be great, but should have been sent out earlier, and options available to get suitable for framing versions.

  2. My recently crossed over 11-year old son brought the map to me immediately after getting his Boys Life earlier this month. He is too young to attend this year, but he’ll be there in 2017!!!

  3. My son is attending this summer. It would have been great to put this in the material received ahead of the trip so they could already be familiar with the layout before arriving.

    • Lisa, your son is a lucky guy! He’s going to have a blast. He’ll receive his July Boys’ Life in time to bring the map with him to West Virginia.

  4. My son is attending this year! He’s very excited to be involved in the inaugural year at the Summit. Troop B401 Texas Proud headed to W VA!

  5. It should be titled WELCOME TO THE SCOUT SUMMIT CENTER, not Scott Summit Center and I’m not a teacher. The map is missing some of the events, need larger map or a page 2.

    • Ron, it is indeed the Scott Summit Center. It’s named in recognition of the generous gift from the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation. And this is a small, low-resolution preview of the map. The full version Scouts will receive is much larger.

  6. Love this map! Just like the maps created for some vacation spots. Great idea! Always thought it would be a great map for our summer camp, just need the artist. Great job guys!

  7. GREAT MAP! Wish I was going! A Norman Rockwell Moment. At my first Jamboree, it was after Taps, our Scouts were bedded down in there tents. While relaxing after the days events, we heard, way off in the distance, a trumpet play “Amazing Grace” We stopped what we were doing, and fell silent in glow of a Cracker Barrel fire. Everyone in perfect uniform, staring out to see where the sound was coming from in a star studded sky. It was a prayer.

  8. My son has never been to the Jamboree. He is a first year Boyscout with 5 years cub behind him. Where and when is it? He does receive your magazine. Thank you.

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