Our Scouting magazine 100th anniversary patches have arrived


Watch this space as we’ll be giving these limited-edition patches away over the course of the year. Or just find me at the jamboree next month!

32 thoughts on “Our Scouting magazine 100th anniversary patches have arrived

  1. Great patch. Being KIND and OBEDIENT in a CHEERFUL, FRIENLY and KIND manner I BRAVELY request a patch. It would be HELPFUL to me to recieve one! This is my 20th year in Scouting (1953-1965 and 2007 -2013). I received Eagle in 1959, Woodbadge in 2009 and will celebrate my 70th Birthday on the 30th of this month along with my twin brother (also Eagle). Our younger brother (also Eagle) will join us.

  2. Even from this side of the Atlantic, would be great to get hold of one of the patches. They look great.

  3. My son will be at The Summit – how does he find you and get a patch? Are you charging for them? Can I just request one now, so he doesn’t have to worry about that when he has so much to do at Jamboree as it is…?

  4. Awesome looking patch! Can’t wait to hear how we can get one if we aren’t able to make it to The Summit.

  5. Hi Bryan, I look forward to meeting you at the Summit to collect a patch! Scouting regards – – – Michael Andrews, NSJ Troop D207 SM (SFBACouncil)


  6. Bryan great patch. Will not be able to go to the Jambo, for have to help wife get back on her feet. She had a big operation and will take a long time for her to get back to herself. Would love to have one of your patch. Thanks for reading this. Yours in Scouting.

  7. I would have loved to attend this year but I had already committed to another Scout Staff function with approx 850 boys at Boxwell that same week where we celebrated our 100 years with Scouting !! Thanks so much for all the updates you gave us about the Jamboree !! please let us know how we can get a patch !!

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