Extreme makeovers: Send me before-and-after pics of Eagle Scout projects

Before: Indian cemetery makeover

Before: Indian cemetery makeover

The journey to Eagle benefits more than just the young man who earns the award.

He leaves his community a better place, most visibly through his Eagle Scout Service Project.

I’ve blogged about how to find Eagle Scout project ideas, explained that blood drives and other drives are acceptable projects, and showcased some top-notch Eagle project videos.

Now I’m interested in the before-and-after photos each Eagle Scout is required to include with his final project.

I’d like you to email your best ones to me. But first, these requirements: 

  • Send only two photos, one before and one after the project was completed.
  • The photos should be from the same or similar angles so it’s clear how drastic the change was.
  • Include the Eagle Scout’s first name, troop number, and the city and state of the project site.
  • Send them to scoutingmag@gmail.com with the subject line “Eagle Before and After.”

I’ll post some of my favorites in the coming days.

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One thought on “Extreme makeovers: Send me before-and-after pics of Eagle Scout projects

  1. I’m Harvey Walden SM troop 68 Brownsville tn I’m so proud of one group of scouts in my troop.  I’ve been with  7 of these guys since tiger cubs and the other 2 since scouts . They all have  the Life rank and their Eagle projects approved.  They met a couple of months ago and made a pack that since they started to gather their going to finish together. They spoke with the Eagle board and got them to agree if all 9 gets everything ready the board will come to their character organization and conduct all 9 board of reviews the same day.  I will send pics as projects get complete. 

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