Where are Scouts going this summer?

Update June 7, 11:12 a.m.: We stand at an impressive 683 pins! Keep commenting with the location you’re visiting (be as specific as possible) and your unit number. I’ll update the map regularly.

Perhaps the better question would’ve been where are Scouts not going this summer?

Earlier today on our Facebook page, I asked where packs, troops, teams, and crews are headed for their summer adventures. More than 175 responses later, the answer is “far and wide.”

There’s Venturing Crew 505’s trip to Alaska’s Denali National Park, several units visiting the Florida Sea Base, a Transatlantic Council visit to the U.K., and pretty much everywhere in between.

I’ve compiled it all in an interactive, searchable Google map. You can click each marker to see which Scout unit is visiting that location. You can zoom in close. And you can uncheck Boy Scouts and Venturers if, for example, you’re only interested in seeing Cub Scout packs. Speaking of, the blue markers indicate Cub Scout packs, green markers represent Venturing crews, and red markers are for Boy Scout troops.

Several units are headed to Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base, and the Summit Bechtel Reserve, so I spread those markers out a little to make every submission visible.

Want to put your unit’s summer adventure on the map? It’s not too late. Simply leave a comment with the your unit number, the place you’re visiting, and the city and state (or country) of that location (to make it easier for me to find). For privacy purposes, don’t include the dates you’ll be there.

Check out how the map has grown so far (click to open animated version!):


417 thoughts on “Where are Scouts going this summer?

  1. Troop 224 from Indian Nations Council was at Hale Scout Reservation (Camp Hale), Talihina, OK last week!

    So were Troop 225, 101, 571 and 66 (all from Sac & Fox District, Indian Nations Council)

  2. Boy Scout Troop 747 of Glasgow, Kentucky will be going to Mammoth Cave National Park, Mammoth Cave, KY

  3. Troop 1188 Rowlett, TX going to Camp Tahuaya, Belton Texas (Summer Camp) and a canoe float down the Current River (National Scenic Riverway) from Pulltite in Salem, MO to Big Spring near Van Buren, MO (High Adventure).

  4. Troop 97, Sumrall, Mississippi went to Camp Tiak in Wiggins, Mississippi. They then will head to Army Ranger Camp in Dahlonega, Georgia, then to Camp Rainey Mountain in Clayton, Georgia, then to the National Jamboree at the Summit in West Virginia, Whew, what a summer to remember!

  5. Northern Tier has a new record for most caught fish in a single trip — 301! The numbers included smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, and perch. Crew F063013C left for Northern Tier to set the new record. The crew went to Atikokin on a fishing trek and with several crew members who are skilled anglers the crew fished hard every day – all day. Our interpreter Nick Van Dourne was an awesome resource and has confirmed the catches! The crew is still in Minneapolis and catches its final flight home to West Virginia today!! The crew members are from the Allohak Council. If you are going take Mepp’s inline spinners, size 4. Oh yeah, take a lot of them!

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