Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

More museums should be like this Scout-friendly one in Oregon

There’s tons to see inside the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum near Portland, Ore.

But it’s what’s outside that caught my eye.

The museum, located in McMinnville, just opened a new designated Scout camping area. That means Scouts can set up their tents among oak trees right off the museum’s parking lot and then walk over to the museum during the day.

Once there, they can check out displays like the original Spruce Goose, movies in the museum theater, merit badge classes, or the “educational waterpark” with its 10 waterslides that teach visitors about the power of water. 

No Scout camping area is complete without a great gateway, and, as you can see above, this has it. The gateway prominently displays the Scout Oath and Scout Law, but its underlying message is that “Scouts are welcome here.”

The photo was sent to me by Jackie Dannemiller of the Cascade Pacific Council. The Scouts and Scouters pictured recently gathered for the 2013 Wapiti District Camporee, an event so fun that Jackie couldn’t help but share the news with everyone.

If your unit will be in Oregon soon, Jackie recommends you stop by the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum — and, of course, spend a couple of nights camping in the museum’s backyard.

Other Scout-friendly museums?

No museum is more targeted to Scouts than the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas.

But Jackie’s email got me thinking: Are there other museums around that go above and beyond to welcome and serve Scouts? If so, leave a comment below and tell everyone about it.

11 thoughts on “More museums should be like this Scout-friendly one in Oregon

  1. We recently did a ‘sleep-in’ at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA with Cub Scouts. They have programs there tailored for Webelos, and all other levels of Cubs.

  2. Took the cub scouts recently to Green Bank West Virginia to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. There is a dorm facility for scouts, as well as specific programming for scout groups.

  3. The Omaha, Nebraska, area has a couple of great Scout experiences to offer. The Henry Doorly Zoo has an excellent program for all levels of Scouts – cubs and up. The SAC Museum also offers great overnight experiences.

  4. The Ruben H. Fleet science museum in Balboa Park in San Diego offers programs for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. It and the world famous San Diego Zoo are an easy walk from Camp Balboa, the headquarters for the San Diego-Imperial Council and site for our Cub Scout Resident Camps as well as other camping programs throughout the year.

  5. Don’t know of others but DEAFinitely worth sending this to our local museums, zoo and etc. to get them thinking bigger and better…*grins

  6. We used the Evergreen Aviation Museum camp area for Powderhorn a number of years ago. They have been supporting Scouting for over 10 years and is a wonderful place to bring your troop to study Aviation or Space Exploration merit badges.

  7. Great staff. Went there with my son to complete his Aviation Merit Badge. Spent the night there and toured the facility. The waterpark was still under construction at the time or I would have enjoyed that as well. THis oplace is a must for scout units to visit.

  8. Fantasy of Flight in Lakeland Florida has Scout weekends, two each year. One is the aviation merit badge and the second is American Heritage. The owner will tell you it is not a museum but an attraction because everyone of the aircraft is flyable. They take a different aircraft up every afternoon. They have also put a zip line tower in which the scouts love. They have the camping in a large open field with a water source and port-a-potties. The classes are well done and its a great weekend.

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