Visiting ours: Jamboree visitor passes now available

jamboree-visitorDon’t just read about the great time we’re having at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree this summer.

Come see it for yourself.

Jamboree visitor passes — including one day, two days, and all days — are available now, starting at $35 for a one-day pass for visitors 11 or older.

Be sure you’re not left out by purchasing your passes today. Simply go to this information page and find the “Click for Visitors Passes” link. You can’t miss it; the button is big and red.

Just like you can’t miss the chance to be among the first to experience the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. Unlike past jamborees, where visitors could see but not do, this time around visitors get to sample everything: ziplines, BMX bikes, rock climbing, shooting sports, and more. 

But don’t worry, jamboree attendees. These are special areas just for visitors, meaning participants won’t see their activity areas overloaded with non-participants. Translation: Everyone’s happy.

Find more details about pricing, visiting hours, parking, logistics, what you can and can’t bring onsite, and lots more at the official Visitor Information page.

See you at the jamboree!

Aerial photo by Gary Hartley/BSA

8 thoughts on “Visiting ours: Jamboree visitor passes now available

  1. Yep that gets you to the visitors center…..No roaming the campsites looking at the gate ways and visiting with scout friends. If your scout is there you need to make arrangements for him to meet you at the center.

    The jambo I attended….More than once I missed my scheduled activity because of visitors partaking in the activity.

  2. Do you know if the exhibits and displays (as opposed to activity areas) will be open to visitors? At my age I don’t think I’m going to be much interested in biking or ziplines, but I was on K2BSA amateur radio staff at the Jamborees from ’81 to ’05. My primary interest in visiting would be the ham station.

  3. The prices are excessive. How do you think they are paying for this center? Is it more restrictive? Yes. Will there be long lines at the visitor center? yes. Is the beauracracy taking over the Scouts? yes. Has been for years. Don’t get me wrong, I am a lifetime scouter, Eagle Scout, Eagle parent, and 25 year SM. I support the move to BSR. I support the idea of events for visitors, but for my boys, who can’t afford to go to Jambo full time, having the areas restricted makes no sense. As to the idea that visitors occupied the activities for participants, none of my boys or leaders has ever been allowed to partake in Jambo events. Don’t know how that can happen. I worked staff and participants were ID’ed for activity sessions.

  4. This was at AP hill probably 34 or so years ago…… I am sure things are much better now….

    Hey I was glad to see they won’t allow visitors to roam the grounds……My scout will have a chance to do his activities. I am disappointed that if I chose to go I would not be able to go see my councils campsite and visit with friends…

    It is a trade off, I can get over my own selfish wants so the boys can have a better experience.

    • So I suppose the “selfish wants” of the boys in my troop are to be disregarded. Try to respond in a civil manner. To imply that boys wanting to visit friends in their camps is “selfish” is a little rude. Smile, it’s a friendly discussion. To bring up another point, we have passes to visit a certain day for the arena show. In the past, if it got moved or postponed by weather, we could come back another day. This year. Out of luck according to National. Hopefully they will learn form this event and plan better in the future. They did in 81.

  5. If I am a registered Scouter, I should be allowed to roam around where ever I want. I am a volunteer not a visitor. $35 is a little high priced. I am not this restricted at my local scout camps.

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