Buy a Samsung device on AT&T, get a free jamboree-edition solar charging kit

att-charging-2Updated | July 10, 2013

There’s just one problem with all that Tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagramming Scouts and Scouters will do at this summer’s national jamboree.

All those Web-connected devices can only go as far as the batteries inside them.

So, hook up with Samsung and AT&T, an official sponsor of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

Now, when you purchase a new Samsung smartphone or tablet and sign up for a two-year plan with AT&T, you’ll get a commemorative, jamboree-edition Goal Zero Switch 8 solar charging kit (a $100 value) for free.

The pocket-size kit will fully charge a smartphone and gets its juice from the sun’s rays, meaning you won’t be tethered to a charging station at the Summit all week — though those will be available for the non-solar Scouts and Scouters among us. 

The offer works with almost all Samsung products, including the new Samsung Galaxy S4, and the even-newer Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which is dust- and water-resistant. If tablets are your thing, you can get the deal with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

The only requirement is that you sign up for a two-year agreement with a voice plan for feature phones or a data or Mobile Share plan for smartphones and tablets. Once you make a qualifying purchase, the free kit won’t appear in your cart, but you will get an email confirmation within five days about the status of your gift.

Ready to order? Go to this ATT offer page to order or learn more.

Not on AT&T?

AT&T is blanketing the jamboree site with cell coverage, but your phone will still work at the Summit Bechtel Reserve even if you don’t have an AT&T phone.

At last summer’s Summit Shakedown, held a year before the actual jamboree, people on Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile told me they had decent coverage — if not full bars — pretty much everywhere.

9 thoughts on “Buy a Samsung device on AT&T, get a free jamboree-edition solar charging kit

  1. I find it reprehensible that ATT and its pro-homosexual agenda stance are being promoted by the BSA. I will never purchase any product which is associated with Randal Stephenson and/or ATT.

  2. Bryan: posts like the one above surely try your patience. Some people just can’t stay on topic. Thank you for your positive attitude and interesting blog items.

  3. Has anybody successfully get the Jamboree edition solar charger with their purchase from ATT? I bought my phones a week back and still haven’t got any email confirming the gift. Contacting the goalzero support phone line and they said you have to find out from ATT. Contacting ATT but none of the reps know about this offer.

  4. Kit, you’re confirming my experience. I called AT&T and they had no idea what I was talking about. I went to the AT&T store with my promotional postcard that AT&T mailed to me and they had never heard of it. Trying to buy the Samsung phone at the site just sends you to the general AT&T website with no prompt to enter a promotional code or link in any way to the Jamboree promotion. This is so massively frustrating.

    • I talk to the goalzero support again after wasting more than 6 hours with the AT&T reps. I was trying to see if the gift order somehow has magically show up in the goalzero system. It didn’t. But the goalzero support person actually knows the group that handles the promotion. He gave me the contact email. I forwarded my phone order info from AT&T to this person and got response on the same day confirming that my order was eligible for this free gift. I got the charger within 3 business days.

      I believe this is handled by some marketing firm cause the email is not an AT&T email addr. I don’t think there’s anything setup on the AT&T system to trigger the gift fulfillment. I wouldn’t have got the charger had I not got hold of the contact email from the goalzero support rep.

  5. Still getting the run around with ATT and Goal Zero. Would have been nice to have at Jambo. What a fraud.

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