Higher score, lower price: Get SAT and ACT test-prep software cheap

Updated for 2014. As of April 30, 2014, nearly 8,500 Scout families have received these programs for a total donation from eKnowledge of nearly $2 million.

Pay attention, because there’ll be a test later.

Boy Scout families — both current and former — can score $250 SAT or ACT test-prep computer programs for $20. That means the study materials, instructor-led videos and multimedia lessons can be yours for about half what it costs to take the actual tests themselves.

It’s $20 for either the SAT or ACT test-prep program, which includes 10 hours of video instruction, 120 lessons and 122 drills, hundreds of practice questions, and 18 automatically graded tests. The software is technically free but requires a $20 student fee that includes streaming/shipping costs, customer and technical support and updates.

Have a student who’s taking both tests? Grab both programs for $40 — a huge savings over the $500 list price.

Mac or PC? Doesn’t matter, because the software — available either as a DVD or streamed instantly online — works on either platform.

Longtime blog readers might recognize this program as a continuation of the eKnowledge and the SAT/ACT Donation Project I mentioned in 2012 and in 2010. In the years since it began, eKnowledge, which says its mission is helping Scouts and Venturers to Be Prepared for these important standardized tests, has sent more than 5,000 Scouting families this software. And it has received hundreds of thank-you notes from Scouting families, with comments such as:

Thanks for this opportunity to help kids improve their scores without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. This is a real benefit to the youth. God Bless.

Or this one:

Excellent! My son is an Eagle Scout and wants to go to the Air Force Academy. With your financial help and programs hopefully he will accomplish these lofty goals! I greatly appreciate it!”

How to order

Request the almost-free programs online at www.eknowledge.com/BSA

Three SAT dates (March 8, May 3, June 7) and two ACT dates (April 12, June 14) remain in the 2013-2014 school year. If your Scouts aren’t signed up for one of these, keep this link on file for test time next year.

If the question is “How can we increase our student’s score without spending hundreds of dollars?” you can consider this offer the right answer.

11 thoughts on “Higher score, lower price: Get SAT and ACT test-prep software cheap

  1. Does what the software contains change each year? I mean if my daughter is not taking these tests this year then we should wait to order this the year she is going to take the tests?

  2. I just took my SATs a few months ago and I did terribly! I’ve never been the best test taker and I feel like I was totally unprepared for the timed portions. My parents are looking into some Bay Area Tutors, but I don’t think that it’s going to help with my test anxiety. Do you know of any tips to prepare yourself mentally for taking tests like these?

    • Get there early. Sit in the room. Close your eyes listen to others come in. Be friendly to those sitting near you, if you feel they’re friends, even temporary, you will feel better.

      Get a full nights sleep…for about three days before the test.

      Your breathing should be deep, slow, feel free to relax.

      Days before get the things you HAVE to have for the test and get them ready.

      DONT think about the scorers.the thought of someone they don’t know grading them gets people nervous. But they follow rules and score carefully anything that can’t be done by computer. They treat everyone equally.

  3. How do you tell them you’re a Boy Scout? When I click on the link all I see is programs that are $500 plus.

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