Download version 1.0 of the Jamboree app on Android and Apple

Updated, April 30: Apple iOS version now available

They say this summer’s National Jamboree will be the most-connected ever. Well, this is a great start.

Version 1.0 of the Jamboree Summit App is available on Apple and Android devices. The Android app clocks in at just over 10 MB and costs $0.99 in the Google Play store. The iOS version for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch weighs 15 MB and costs $0.99 at the App Store.

The AT&T-sponsored app, intended for use by participants, staff, and visitors to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, provides up-to-date information on all programs and activities being held at the Summit this summer. See some screenshots below.

Scouts will be able to view their daily schedule of activities, check out a detailed map of the jamboree site, and see where their friends are located at any time.

Having been a participant at the 1997 and 2001 jamborees, I can tell you that the find-your-friends feature will be a blessing. There were plenty of times when I didn’t see some of my troopmates all day because I couldn’t find them at the enormous site.

Download it now by clicking the links above or searching “Summit Scouts” on the Google Play store or iOS App Store.

There’s not much you can actually do with the app right now. But keep in mind that this is Version 1.0, and there are placeholders for many new features. Future releases will add functionality and should prove essential come July, when AT&T lights up the Summit with cell coverage so Scouts can enjoy the most-connected jamboree ever.

Speaking of AT&T…

AT&T has an offer for Scouts, Scouters

AT&T is offering a special 2013 jamboree-edition Goal Zero Switch 8 solar recharging kit free to anyone who buys a qualifying Samsung phone or tablet and signs up for a two-year plan. Click here to learn more.

Jamboree Summit App screenshots

screen-1 screen-2 screen-3 screen-4 screen-5 screen-6 screen-7

60 thoughts on “Download version 1.0 of the Jamboree app on Android and Apple

  1. I’m glad that $425 I paid to be on staff for the jamboree means nothing.. or the registration fee I paid to be in the bsa. Or the countless number of hours I volunteer for the bsa and the order of the arrow… why do we have to pay for this app!?

    • Or why do you need to pay to be a volunteer at all????

      My daughters soccer and softball league do not charge the coaches a fee?????

      Then to get hit up year after year for FOS dollars. Not to mention the money out of pocket to run the troop…..

    • I served on Staff for the Australian National Jamboree this past Jan. and only had to pay half price. I’ll be attending the upcoming New Zealand Jamboree in Dec and same thing, Staff goes for half price.

  2. And they’re charging for it? Didn’t we pay enough in fees for the event? I know it’s only a $1 but really?

    • Let me see $1 per partiipant and adult…..then mom and dad at home will probably get it too to babysit from home…..

      So we are easily taking about another $100k plus…

      Remember initially AT&T was going to provide an electronics communication device for each participant.

      • Actually, they will not be making that much from the app, because the app does not support all android devices. I kept searching for it, and could not find it because this app does not support my phone. Lots of people will skip this app… I have an android phone, and I was looking forward to using the app, but not by paying for a brand new phone using the “deal” from ATT. I will keep my current android phone, and still not be able to use the app at all. sigh.

    • I guess I am just an under achiever……My soon to be 8th grader has never had a cell phone let alone a smart phone….

      I am not worried about him getting around the summit…..I hope he has fun in his adventure even if he gets a little lost in the process.

      • It’s really all about need. My son travels a distance to school (outside of our school district and across county lines) on a bus and has recently started to take public transportation in our metropolitan city on his own and with his friends. We felt it to be a good time for him to have a means to contact us for help since public “pay” phones are no longer as accessible in our area as they once were (when I was a kid – lol!). Many of his friends had a cell phone way before he did simply because he didn’t need it then.

        • Stephanie, don’t answer Bob B or try to explain your stand. This seems to be a man who works at trying to find something to complain about…..

  3. Honestly won’t be getting this. Bottom line, You have to pay for it. For what this does it should be free. Even if it’s ad supported that would be better than having to pay for it.

    • Yep paid for scout son to attend $1200 from our council to attend….

      It has become a money pit…First white water rafting was included…Now it isn’t and now an up charge for rock climbing…

      Now the council is telling us only scout Tshirts and shorts will be permitted??????

      Now another buck for the app…..Your assuming my son has a smart phone….I cannot afford to give my 13 year old a smart phone or the data plan that goes with it……

      Who says scouting forgot the poor??? that would be me…..

      The uniform is where the great equalizer ends….

      Amazingly enough scouting always has its hand out.

  4. Seriously? Three of the first six comments are complaining about the $0.99 price? Folks, there are Scouting volunteers who don’t get paid to do Scouting, There are Scouting professionals who get paid to do Scouting, and there are Scouters who pay to do Scouting. I suspect you all fall into the third category. We do it because we believe in this volunteer-run program, and we’re willing to shell out some of our hard-earned dollars to make it go. This is a non-profit organization. If the user of the app isn’t going to pay the buck for it, who do you think will pay for it? C’mon, folks, let’s focus on why we’re here in The Game, and be thankful the BSA is adapting to the electronic world of today’s Scouts.

    • It’s not a matter of not believing in the program. I paid $850 to be on staff as a volunteer (not including travel costs), paid $1300 for my son to go as part of our council contingent – On top of that we still need to buy patches, and other misc *required* items. I beieve in the program, I get that it’s a non-profit organization. But at that cost they should have included the $1 extra for this app. The costs shouldn’t be this high and on top of it have to pay for more. They wonder why they have having a hard time filling all the staff spots, this is the exact reason. Voluteering sholdn’t be so expensive.

    • Please do not confuse non-profit organization with a business that loses money, they are not the same. Although in most councils, the unit facing professionals are not that well compensated, those higher up the food chain are. Think of each Council as a division of a company that has a presence I every state, and the Scout Exec as the Division President.

  5. I always thought that Jamboree, Philmont, and other Council lead trips were fleecing the boys. My local council charges $1300 to go to Jamboree, purchases all new tents, cook wear, and etc. and include it in the price charged. Once returning, they sell all of the equipment, but never give the money back to the boys. It goes in the council general fund. Most of the time, the poor saps that went to the event buy back their own gear that they had already bought to begin with. Some how I don’t think this is “Honest”.
    The App is probably coming from AT&T and the BSA has nothing to do with the price. It would seem that this should be included in the fees though. Some troops don’t allow electronics on camp outs.

      • That is the amazing part…..but the cost remains the same……

        At least with the old model my local summer camp received a few new tents every jambo cycle.. now my scout buys new gear for national and then they turn around and sell it afterward for pure profit…….

        Why in the world are they buying $2000 mountain bikes???????

        • I can only guess, but here goes. They will be used intensely for a couple of weeks, there is no time for break-fix. The Summit is supposed to be an ongoing camp, so they will need equipment after Jambo. And, I am guessing there is not much in the middle. $2-500 or 2,000.

      • This time. In the past each contingent unit provided its own camp equipment as stated above.

        As for reselling, I know, my council included the sale in the budget to offset the original cost. What is a little concerning is that the staff fee did not change, but the accommodations sure have. On staff for 2010 and 2013, not sure about others. Maybe world in 2019…

        • Our council gave the tents used by our jambo contingent to our resident camps.

          Far as our council fee and what they are charging…$1200…..for that my scout gets his $850 fee paid, 2 patches, 2 tshirts and a weekend campout prior to the jambo…. should it cost $300 for a bus ride to the Jambo and back from indianna????? NO

    • Kelly your $1,300 seems reasonable as I am sure it has to be one of the lower costs in the country. Jamboree Scouts at that price get to attend a first class event including travel, meals, lodging entertainment, adventure and fun that few other will ever have. The Summit is providing most of the gear and that has lowered the cost a lot from past Jamborees. If you think of participants as “poor saps” don’t have your kid go and let others that would appreciated it attend. I for one am excited for our Scouts and proud of the efforts that have been made to reduce the cost.

  6. Not an app for Windows phones? I hope that can also be made available especially since my provider is ATT.

  7. Ok Folks this is like that all inclusive cruise your taking…..

    How would you like to get there and discover that the map of the cruise ship is going to cost you $10…..Then you have to buy your cabin, place setting and linen……

    On top of it…The really choice activities are going to cost ya extra after initially being told they were free????????? You wouldn’t stand for it…..Someone would call that TV investigative reporter to look into it……

    Then after your cruise is over the cruise line bundles up everything you used and then sells it for what it cost them???????

    • Off site climbing and whitewater are conducted by the outfitters and they cannot take a loss. Check and see what the normal price of a whitewater trip on the New is.half day trip on the lower new 170.00 so get over it. I am tired of all the negativity from scouters about his Jamboree. You do not need to go offsite to climb we have great climbing at the Rocks.again get over it an move on. I personally have way more invested then the jamboree fee. I have been involved in the planning for over two years now and cannot wait to get the scouts and venturers on site and having fun.

    • Bob, your whining is splattered all over this thread. Leave it alone! You only look more pitiful with every post!

  8. But initially all of that was included in the price of the Jambo as was a cell phone like communication device that each of the participants were going to be issued…..

    A scout is Trustworth…..even the Pro’s right?????

    • Fred McMurray isn’t walking through that door. This isn’t 1955. If you can’t be any more positive than this, you need to get out of the program.

  9. Where can we send enhancement, wish list suggestions? bugs?
    Typo on bottom menu bar at HQ “Head Quaters”, should be Headquarters
    In Troop roster list, “Scout Master” should be Scoutmaster.
    Alphabetize troop roster, add patrol, sort?
    Merit badge tent locations?

  10. A 99 cent fee is a deterrent for errant downloads. Many companies do this as a standard practice. It’s less than a dollar, and to put it bluntly, please get over yourselves. There are far more pertinent concerns than 99 cents for an app, like security, safety, the food menu, and a lack of staffing.

    And for those ranting about a $1200 fee, take it up with your council, not National. Hold your local leaders and professionals accountable. Those of us who watched our youth dedicate much of their time to raise $3,000 or more for the opportunity to be “First to the Summit” make sure that we get every penny’s worth.

  11. I’m not sure what the problem is here…. people don’t have any problem paying $4.99 for some stupid mind-sucking game, but won’t pay $.99 for an app that will make life at the Summit a little more fun for the boys? My only question is will we be required to purchase an AT&T package to use the smart phones? We only get Verizon where I live in the mountains. As for the price for sending your boys for 10 days in the wilds of WV, all meals, all transportation, even a bag to pack their stuff in…. it should be priceless!!!!

  12. Living on the Left Coast, our contingent fee is $3,000. My son is going, and I am one of the ASMs for the contingency troop. When I first heard the cost, I felt the same way as many do here. Then I sat down and added it up. Airfare, ALL meals… ALL lodging… ALL transportation… Four Days touring the D.C. area, guides, bonded chaperones guarding the hotel halls at night, the Jamboree fee (which includes some of that lodging and food), EVERYTHING the Jamboree has to offer, plus each member of the contingency troop receives TWO full uniforms… patches fully loaded… the Jamboree Duffle (which appears to be on par with many $150 duffles I’ve seen In REI, Sports Chalet, etc.)… a high quality day pack… and 4 microfiber Class B shirts (if you’re sending your scout there with cotton… good luck keeping it dry). So… 14 day vacation, all meals, all transportation, all arrangements, some required clothing, luggage, and the uniqueness that the Jamboree opportunity offers (especially the first one ever at the new facility)… just over $200 per day. I did a double check… two of us going to Disneyworld for 14 days: Airfare $750, Lodging $1190, Ground Transport $490, Food $840, Uniforms (2 ea) $400, Duffles $300, Backpacks $100, “Amusement Park Admissions $1200… Grand Total… $5270. So… this seems pretty on-par with the Jambo experience. Cheap? No. Value? Worth every penny. And OBTW… has anyone mentioned the HUGE investment ATT has made into the Summit? Without that investment, your Scouts would have NO cell coverage. Yep… we can argue about whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing… but I’m thinking whatever ATT makes on the App… won’t come close to what they’re kicking in for us to have an incredible experience. And I’m not even an ATT fan.

    • No way to explain it any better! Total agreement!

      From Dallas we are paying $2300 which includes airfare, food, accommodations, touring Manhattan, touring D.C. Then a week at the Jamboree. My non-scout teenage son said he would put off getting his first car to give his brother the opportunity to attend. It didn’t come to that (found a good deal on a used car) but it could have.

    • Most folks couldn’t afford disney for 2 weeks and I couldn’t afford my son and I both to attend even if I wanted too…..even at our bargan basement price of $1300 a head. $6k is out of most folks price range.

      • Yes… it required over a year’s worth of sacrificing and fundraising. I am merely saying the cost is consistent with other activities… the BSA isn’t “bilking” us the way others above indicated.

  13. One additional thought… &850 for the Jamboree itself (isn’t that what it is?)… well I don’t know about anywhere else in the country, but summer camps in California routinely charge $300-$500 (most around $375) for six days. I’m thinking the Jamboree charge is also, not out of line. My only thought is… us adults ought to get a discount because we won’t be able to ride the zip lines 🙂

    • No zip lines! I’m not going then! Oh, wait. I wasn’t able to go anyway. I will have my son zip one for me!

  14. I am wondering one thing… Why doesn’t the app’s map have some kind of legend and scale? e.g., what do the dotted gold lines indicate? How can I tell how far it is from our campsite to the BMX tracts? etc. Maybe the legend and scale are there somewhere… but I can’t find them if they are. Just showed the app to our jamboree troop at a half-day training session… got pretty good comments 🙂

  15. To all who are complaing about the price of jamboree. I went to the 2005 jamboree as an 11 year old scout and I paid 1,800, and I raised the money to go all myself. Jamboree is the perfect time for a scout to do personal management merit badge. Quit complaining and let the scouts work and pay for it themselves

  16. Just downloaded the Jamboree Summit App on the iPod and iPad Mini. (Had to buy it off iTunes on my computer, as it would not appear in the App Store directly on my son’s iPod. (it does not look like it is formatted for the iPad)
    I must admit, I was hesitant about buying it, Wondered why he would need it as he has been to large campsites before and got along fine without such an App to guide him.
    Well, 5 minutes into the App and I really think it is neat! It not only has his profile, but it lists his troop members and he can either “bump” his iPod or scan the “qr code” and that will instantly share contact information with the other Scouts at Jamboree – then they can “see” where their friends are, while at SBR, using the App-cool!
    The “qr code” also can help find a lost Scout. It has maps of the area and event information – think it was well worth the $0.99.

    Apple users:

    Android users: (caution: it was not compatible with my android phone)

  17. The Summit app is going to really enhance the Jamboree experience: the map, daily individual schedule, finding friends. The app is likely to become a model for other big events…and the BSA was the first to have it!

  18. Can someone please tell me why my newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Centura with Android 4 through Straight Talk is not compatible with this app? And will this be corrected so that I did not just waste a lot of money for nothing?

  19. I keep getting an error message that “Login failed…User ‘492commish419’ not found”. I followed the instructions for going to my dashboard to see my login name and yes, you guessed it, it says my login name is “492commish419” Can anyone help me figure this out?

  20. Wow! Who would’ve thought a 99 cent app could generate such a bunch of whining. As a volunteer coach in the past, I bought water for kids, oranges, etc., and even a pizza party at then of the year. My kids still had to pay the same as everyone else to be in the league, and the soccer league even made me pay to take a class on how to play and the rules of soccer.
    Although I admit, participants should have gotten this for free, they didn’t.
    Move on. As far as the paying for your gear goes, I have 3 boys at the jamboree, paid full price for all of them. Also, tents are supplied this time, so somebody is stiffing you. My oldest is attending his second jambo, and I knew from RESEARCH what we were getting ready for.
    And, if you price out the jamboree against a Disney vacation, it’s an awesome deal.
    No $10 hot dogs, and $5 cokes, either.
    On the whining side, it is lousy that they shut out the Windows phone folks.

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