Get your DVD of ‘Are You Tougher,’ available now

tougher-e05-teaseUpdated, Aug. 2

Cord-cutters, busy people, and the DVR-averse, lend me your ears.

Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? is now available on DVD.

That’s big news for a number of Scouting constituencies I heard from over the course of the six-episode season, which aired earlier this year.

Some of you had meetings on Monday nights, others don’t have cable or have channel packages that don’t include the National Geographic Channel, and still others just forgot to tune in. For that group, consider this your Take 2.

Then there’s a separate subset of Scouters who watched and enjoyed the show and now want to share it with the Scouts in their unit. Pop in the DVD after a weekly pack, troop, or crew meeting — and don’t forget the popcorn. 

The full series, available in a two-DVD boxed set, is available at for $29.95.

While you watch, follow my week-by-week analysis of the show, available here in one convenient spot.

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You can also get the series on iTunes.

14 thoughts on “Get your DVD of ‘Are You Tougher,’ available now

  1. I probably missed this somewhere… but is there any progress on a season 2? My 2 cub scouts absolutely loved it: my Webelos is pretty impressed by Rob having all 132 merit badges, and my Tiger is pretty sure that Keegan is the coolest Boy Scout ever.

    • Keegan and Rob were awesome — all the Scouts were, actually. As for Season 2, no news right now, but my fingers are crossed. It’s in NatGeo Channel’s hands.

  2. Bryan I enjoyed the 6 part series and found it most entertaining. I believe if future series is planned we need more competitve adults.There also needs to be a focus on health and safety at all times like we do in all are scout activity and events. There are many young adults and parents that watch this program and we must be an example to the world of our commitment to be safe and promote good health in the BSA. Many thanks to National Geographic for their filming of Scouting at a time we need the positive exposure. Sincerely, Trenton Spears

  3. I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet, they’re on the DVR waiting for me.

    As to season 2, I would like to see the adults work as a patrol and not cut one from the show after each day’s activities. The Scouts never get cut and in at least one of the episodes the Scouts got to switch out who was doing what against the lone adult remaining. Also, why the age limit on the adults if you’re not going to have some sort of fitness requirement to go along with that? Some of the adults on the show were clearly not in good enough shape to handle the heat and altitude of the scout camp used for the show.

    The show was entertaining and is giving us some ideas for our lakefront September outing but I think it could be tweaked and improved in season 2.

  4. Bryan – You mentioned a while back that National Geographic Channel is working on a variety of options for online viewing. So are the episode available to watch online (streaming or download) anywhere?

    I’d love to see the episodes available on NatGeo Channel’s website, Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Vudu, Xfinity, or just somewhere online? It’s 2013, nobody watches TV on televisions anymore… and even DVDs are becoming an outdated medium for TV shows. Why isn’t this show on the web?

  5. Is there CC or SDH marked on the back of these DVD boxes? It’ll be hidden so you’ll have to read the fine print.
    CC= closed captions
    SDH= Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

  6. BSA should sell the blue T-shirts the Scouts wore on “Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout?” — which have the phrase “Prepared. For Life” on the front.

  7. Unfortunately cannot download and buy the series from iTunes on this side of the Atlantic. Now that series is available on DVD, is it only available for Region 1 or Multi-regional? It would be great if multi the we could watch it over here in Ireland. National Geographic will not sell it outside Continental United States.

  8. I watched all 6 over the weekend on youtube. My boys loved it! I agree that the adults either shouldn’t be cut, or the number of scouts should be cut each time an adult is eliminated. In ep. 6, the guy competed in 4 different areas against the scouts who were the best at that activity and still won! Impressive. I’d love to see more guys like that and less fat people or obnoxious people like Rage. Where did that guy come from? REALLY hope there’s a season 2.

  9. It’s been four months since it was last asked, “Has Are You Tougher Than A Boy Scout been renewed for a second season?”

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