Duchess proves that Scout training isn’t just for the commoners

If a pregnant Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, can do it, so can you.

I’m talking about getting trained, an important step for any Scout volunteer — whether a Cub Scout leader from California, a Scoutmaster from South Carolina, a Venturing advisor from Vermont, or, yes, even a member of the British royal family.

In January 2012, I blogged about the Duchess’ new role as volunteer with the U.K. Scout Association. And today, she did what every volunteer should: She got trained.

Her Royal Highness joined 24 other Scouters from across the United Kingdom to take part in an adult volunteer training event. The course took place at the snowy Great Tower Scout Activity Centre in northwest England.

As this article on the U.K. Scout Association website explains, she “braved the cold and took part in a number of activities, including lighting different types of fires and whipping up some delicious campfire treats. She passed on her Scouting skills to Cub Scouts from Manchester and Cumbria. She also chatted to volunteers about them helping Cub Scouts climb some of the large coniferous trees located around the campsite.”

But her impact goes way beyond campfire cooking skills. As one of the world’s highest-profile figures, she’s U.K. Scouting’s highest-profile volunteer. And that means that by wearing the neckerchief and appearing at Scouting events, she’ll encourage other adults to learn more about signing up to volunteer—certainly in the U.K., but perhaps here in the U.S. as well.

Here’s how U.K. Scouting lays it out: “Despite numbers standing at over half a million and growing year on year, [U.K.] Scouting is still in need of more adult volunteers; more than 35,000 young people are currently on the joining list. As one of the country’s busiest high profile figures, the Duchess’s inspiring volunteer work will hopefully encourage other young adults to get involved in Scouting.”

Indeed, it already appears to be working. Check out this tweet:

Photos of the Duchess’ training day

You want more photos? You’ve got ’em, courtesy of U.K. Scouting’s Twitter page.

Props to our Scouting friends “across the pond” for having such a great day for U.K. Scouting — and World Scouting, too.

Photos and Tweets from the UK Scout Association

5 thoughts on “Duchess proves that Scout training isn’t just for the commoners

  1. Scouting is still in need of more adult trained volunteers. Join our forces to bring Scouting to more youth.

  2. We all also wish the Duchess of Cambridge well in her pregnancy, and are happy to the see the future King or Queen of the UK being introduced to Scouting even before birth!

  3. Welcome Dutchess and may your commitment to scouting return the same inspiration to you and your family that it has to many adult scouters and youth scouts around the world!

  4. I think it’s great that she came and showed her support this way instead! She is someone who I would feel would fit right with the scouts or with the Queen; and it looks like I am right. Princee Diana would be so happy to know have her for a daughter-in-law. I have been a scout leader for eight years, all through cubs and three years as asst. scout master.

  5. I have been in scouting for 30 years, and this impresses me more than most stories would. It’s wonderful to see her support, and I hope that her children are able to participate in Scouting in England. I also hope she can make it to the 2019 World Jamboree in the USA.

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