‘Are You Tougher?’ turns up the heat on the adults and Scouts

What could possibly bring Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? to a screeching halt?

See for yourself—no spoiler alerts, here—tonight at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central when the next episode of the National Geographic Channel’s exciting new reality show returns, pitting adult former Scouts against current Scouts.

This third installment, featuring the pun-worthy title “Buoy Scouts,” features two adult Eagle Scouts and one adult who didn’t make it to the top, as well as popular Scouts from the past two episodes: Trent and Rob.

As expected, the adults have something to prove. Also as expected, they find the going a little, er, tougher than they expected.

First up, the competitors vie with one another in a three-part relay race. But during the second challenge, something happens to one participant that threatens to shut down the contest.

Luckily, the remaining competitors are able to move forward to a final faceoff called “Sink or Swim.” The “buoy,” right?

Are any of the adults Tougher Than a Boy Scout? Tune in tonight at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central on National Geographic Channel to find out.

Tell others about the show
Local Scouters and Scouts can help build buzz for tonight’s Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? episode via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the old-fashioned way: word of mouth. You can check out the Are You Tougher? website (toughscout.com) to find show information and share Scouting photos on social media platforms.

Tap into the Marketing Toolbox (www.scouting.org/marketing) to find a downloadable flier, postcard, poster, Web banners, and video clips of the exciting Tougher trailer to help build awareness for the show.

Online viewing options
Online viewing options are not yet available from the National Geographic Channel, but we will update Bryan on Scouting readers as soon as the episodes are posted online.

2 thoughts on “‘Are You Tougher?’ turns up the heat on the adults and Scouts

  1. Very disappointed in the first two episodes. Scouts, all of them, get to decide which adult is eliminated; but the adults don’t get the same advantage. Then, on episode 2, the final adult has to compete against a different scout for each challenge. I thought Scouting was about fairness?

  2. What happened to the coverage from last night? Would have thought that there would be some comments. Mine is that it was weaker than number two, as we had obviously out of shape men against young, in shape scouts. Most concerning to me though was the violations of common sense dress by them all in a hot, dry environment; wear a hat that protects your head and allow air flow in your clothing. Also, it appeared that the attention to the adults with various levels of heat exhaustion was not done in a timely manner, though possible was, but just not shown. Also, putting someone on a jet ski that is unfamiliar with it is against the written policy that was put in place when they were allowed. “Be familiar” with the equipment in use before you use it!!!

    But I have been to Whitsett more than once, as well as rafted the Kern. None of my scouts would participate without proper training or attire. And not sure where they have found the adults that they portray. When I was in my thirties, I was hiking Philmont and the Sierras, and could easily keep up with my scouts. Hopefully this will get back on the rails, as right now it is doing possibly more damage than good by allowing foolish actions on the part of unprepared adults, while having scouts also not following established guidelines in some cases, such as heat protection.

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