Check out 30 of the coolest Eagle Scout letters I’ve seen

What do President Barack Obama, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, author Homer Hickam, actor Chuck Norris, and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal all have in common?

No, they’re not the five famous people I’d invite to a fantasy dinner party — though that would be interesting.

In fact, these men are among the five famous folks who have mailed congratulatory letters to new Eagle Scouts. Last month, I asked our Facebook friends to send me their favorite Eagle letters.

After sorting through about a hundred impressive submissions, I picked my 30 favorites, removed the Eagle’s last name and address, and will share them with you.

The letter-writers include names you know in the worlds of politics, entertainment, and sports. And they prove that it’s worth sending a request for a letter to just about anybody — all they can do is say no.

A final note: One of the letters was from the late Sen. Daniel Inouye, the highest-ranking Asian American politician in U.S. history. The letter was likely one of the last ones signed by Sen. Inouye before his death in December 2012.

Let’s get to the letters: 

Angels Blair Bush Christie Clinton,-Hillary Coughlin Duncan Ford Freeze Garlitts Hickam Holder Inouye Lamoriello Looney Muschamp Mythbusters NASA Norris-letter Obamas Paolini RAF Riley Rowe-letter Rowe Schwarzkopf Shaq Spielberg Spike UK-Scouts

How do you request Eagle Scout letters?

Read my guide and see some of the letters I received after earning my Eagle Scout Award.

33 thoughts on “Check out 30 of the coolest Eagle Scout letters I’ve seen

  1. Yes he did on December 27, 2012, he is buried at West Point Cemetery, next to his parents (His father also was a West Point Graduate, Class of 1917 and the first superintendent of the New Jersey State Police).

  2. This is a great compendium of letters.

    I was particular touched by (and jealous of..) the letter from Homer Hickam. As a Wood Badger (and now staffer), that movie has extra special significance, to me, and I would have loved an opportunity to get a letter from Homer when I earned my Eagle Scout award in 1986. I’ve seen interviews with him and think he is a great example of what Eagles (and all Scouts) should strive for.

    I was touched by the letter from the late Sen. Daniel Inouye, who I always thought was a very interesting, astue and articulate man who represented our citizenry well during his time on this planet.

    I was amused, entertained and a bit disappointed at Mike Rowe’s letter. I get what he meant (I got a form letter from Gerald Ford too…) and I appreciate his position, but as a 44 year old, I probably receive that letter better now then I would have at 14-18. That being said, I still appreciate Mike’s interest in at least sending it (along with a 8×10 glossy…which I’m not sure was actually necessary…).

    I was pleasantly surprised at the letter from Spike Entertainment – I didn’t see that one coming. Not that I have any objections to Spike, but I had suspected that Spike was not particularly interested in what would be considered the less flagrant and/or ‘out there’ modus operandi of Scouts. Goes to show that you can’t judge a book…

    I was also interested to see the letter from the RAF and the personal alignment of it. It was nice to see a foreign military representative respect and appreciate a youth in our country.

    I was honored to have received letters from Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan as well as my senators, several members of congress and Pope John Paul II, among others. It’s a pleasure to see a wider variety in these letters, including more socially-aligned representation.

    • My son’s letters from the RAF and Scotland Yard were in addition to the Arch Duke of Canterbury, Prime Minister and Buckingham Palace. My son originally started his Scouting career as a Beaver in British Scouts and later transferred over to American Scouting. We thought it would be a nice touch to have both sides of his scouting career covered.

    • We should not be surprised at the letter from the RAF. Scouting after all was a British institution first.

  3. Great letters. I was very impressed by the one from Senator Daniel Inouye. The letter is dated February 23, 2013 and Senator Inouye passed away on December 17, 2012.

    • I noticed that as well, Katie. Many writers post-date their letters for the actual date of the court of honor, and I can only guess that was the case here.

      • It was post-dated when the letter arrived. He passed away a few days later and my son was very sadden by the passing but very honored to have something from him to remember him by.

  4. My son got one from MIKE Rowe. Mike comment was at least his signature is real signed by him, not fake like OBAMAS is and he take time to go to the JAMBOS and they are not in his back yard like the presidents is DC to VA

    • How many requests for letters do you think the President, any President, gets? Not to belittle Mr. Rowe’s work, but I kinda rather the President spend his day leading the free world and being Commander in Chief than signing congratulatory letters. Remember the “do your duty to . . . my country. . .” part of the Scout Oath? Part of that is not taking cheap shots at our government officials.

      • Hopefully he got all 50,000+ requests, and considering when you look at the white house presidential schedule at you will discover, actually not very much, he doesn’t do a whole lot, so signing maybe 50 personal ones a year would not be asking for too much, would it?…no cheap shots at the learner of the USA, free is another post…just plain truth. No meetings, no discussions with congress, no cabinet meetings…just well nothing. He’s got time.

  5. I find the letter from Steven Spielberg very interesting in how he states that he is a proud Eagle Scout. As a Staff member at the 1989 BSA Jamboree at Ft AP Hill VA, he was given the National Eagle Scout award for developing the Cinematography MB and also for the wonderful Opening Ceremonies. I was sickened a few years later when he returned his Eagle Scout badge to National in protest over the BSA policy over gay leaders. I will not ever again see a Speilberg movie including LINCOLN.

    • Can you provide a source for this information? Spielberg did resign his advisory position with the BSA, but I can find no reference on the internet that he returned his Eagle Scout Badge.

  6. My son received many Eagle letters some from the ones above although I was shocked to see one here from Myth Busters. I contacted and wrote to the show and was told they didn’t deal with Eagle Scouts or Scouting period. They didn’t have time to write a letter to a Eagle. It looks as though they have changed their minds. Good going guys! These letters mean ALOT to each scout that receives them. I am currently working on my second son’s Eagle Ceremony. I hope we recieve the same welcoming as we did before with so many wonderful letters. Thanks to all who participate in congratulating these young men. Your support is greatly appreciated.

    • There is a list on google but a lot of these addresses are not there. I used google to find most of the addresses. I received letters from Chuck Norris, NASA, The Presidents and so many others. Get your letters ready and start sending.. it is a timed process but well worth it when you see your son’s face at the COH.

  7. I am in the process of getting letters for my son’s upcoming Eagle Court of Honor. The addresses I have tried for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris were no good and the letters were bounced back. Also am looking for a good address for Myth Busters, any help?

    • For MythBusters check out I found the address there and so far mine has not come back. Chuck Norris – google there is two addresses – one looks personal but you c/o his Entertainment company too. I got a response from that one. Not sure about Arnold – when you go google – search for contact address for “Arnold Schwarnenegger” I haven’t had any letters sent back to me and this is my third COH. I have gotten great response.

  8. If anyone already has a compilation of addresses and would be willing to share, I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  9. Note, some of them say to request theirs 12 weeks ahead of time. When is your Eagle Court of Honor (ECoH)? Currently waiting on the mailman, hope he produces some more before 4/20/13. As of right now I have received back 9 of the 29 requests I sent out.

    • Any more replies in addition to the 9 of 29? I am interested in knowing some of the details of the successes.

  10. One of my Scouts had his court of honor this past weekend – the highlight was a letter from Jackie Chan

  11. Do you have to have the actual date of the COH figured out before letters are requested? My son will (most likely) get his Eagle rank on Sept. 5th, and I was thinking of having the COH on Oct. 12/19th. Per the guidelines listed regarding numerous officials/offices/celebrities, it would be unlikely that we would receive many letters back. What have you all done? I assume that most parents don’t prefer to wait 2-3/more months to have their son’s Eagle COH. Thanks.

  12. I will be emailing you soon. Our son became an Eagle Scout last month and I am writing requests today. I can see this is quite a task. ECOH and our younger son started his project. I will be contacting you. Thank you.

  13. This is an addition to my previous blog . . . I just had my middle son’s COH on 11/17/13. As I did for my oldest son, we sent or emailed out the “letters” and was successful in getting back about 85%. My sons are into hunting (archery & rifle), quads and dirtbikes so I also sent to all the rifle and bow mfr’s, street and dirt bike mfr’s. He rec’d handwritten letters from the presidents of Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Ruger, Mossberg and Remington. Also rec’d shirts from Harley-Davidson and Yamaha, knives from Mossberg and Smith & Wesson, hats from Browning, Mossberg, Yamaha and Ruger and a coffee mug from Henry Repeating Arms. You never know what the mailman will bring!

    Dont’ forget to invite the Marine Corp League, Submarine Veterans and Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War. They will all come in their uniforms and present certificates, coins, patches, etc and they will give FANTASTIC speeches!

  14. I just had the honor to write a “congratulations” letter. I obtained my Eagle rank in 2001. Last year my mother asked me to call a young man who was ready to give up to pursue girls, high school sports, and other things that distract teens from finishing the journey. He mother sent me the request and of course it was a typed letter that had all of the typical “this is an honor” “we’re so proud” “please take a moment”. I didn’t recognize who the scout was, but apparently whatever I said rang deep for this young man. I’m nothing more than a small business owner in a small town outside of New Orleans, but I’ve never been so honored and touched to pay forward the gift of scouting.

  15. AND… If you get the announcements/requests out early enough, don’t forget to invite that personage to attend the CoH and/or the BBQ reception afterwards. You never know who might take you up on the invitation….It takes persistance, research, gumption. Kinda like earning the badge, huh?

  16. Just found out that it is now a NCAA violations for colleges and college coaches to send letter of congratulations to high school students.

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