A stunning look at Philmont through the eyes of a Ranger

Tucker Prescott, the mind behind the video.

Tucker Prescott, the mind behind the video.

What’s it like to spend a summer as a Philmont Ranger?

Incredible seems too weak a word, and amazing doesn’t quite cut it either.

When words fail, try video. That’s the approach Tucker Prescott took with his magical, transcendent short film called “Philmont: A Ranger’s Summer.”

It manages to be both understated and powerful by sharing what one Ranger’s summer looked like.

Enough words; just watch: 

14 thoughts on “A stunning look at Philmont through the eyes of a Ranger

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Love Philmont, he did a great job! Forget that other marketing BSA is doing, make this our commercial. I’m never going to joust anyone in a canoe, but this is something that stays with you forever.

  2. Nice video, but does not describe the job. Being a ranger is a lot about people contact–taking folks out in the back country, whether you do Mountain Men, Rayado, troops or some other program. Yes you get to visit all the backcountry sites and make friends there, but there is also base camp activities by the 24-person staff activity staff (yes Philmont has 2 dozen people coming up with daily events to entertain the staff on their days off!!) — 10Ks, Ultimate and other sorts of tournaments, dances and more. How do I know, my daughter was an ACR the last 2 years–and spent 8 summers on the ranger staff.

    • Very True, Ken, and I hope you consider the lack of that content a sign that I did my job this past summer, during the important parts of being a ranger I wasn’t able to film, I had to work! For the three month period I had a very small amount of content from which to pull into this video because most of my time was spent working and participating. Do you mind sharing which ACR your daughter was this past summer?

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