Scouts aren’t immune to Harlem Shake

You knew it was bound to happen.

The Harlem Shake, the Internet meme that came from nowhere last month and is now impossible to avoid, has caught the eye of more than a few Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs.

Scouts from Salt Lake City, Puerto Rico, and several places in between have created their own versions of the viral video, which starts with one person dancing alone for 15 seconds before a quick cut to a chaotic group dance lasting another 15 seconds.

Most of the Scouts’ videos I found were tasteful and fun and they show Scouts doing what Scouts do — laughing, bonding, and acting crazy. One video starred the staff of a summer youth leadership course in Utah, and at the end included a message for Scouts to register for the event. Smart marketing!

Check out five Boy Scout versions (and one Cub Scout version) of the Harlem Shake:

Troop 12, New Paris, Ind.

Coup Trail Staff, Great Salt Lake Council

Troop 212, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Troop 175, Simsbury, Conn.

Troop 52

Pack 568

11 thoughts on “Scouts aren’t immune to Harlem Shake

  1. Bryan, I love that the Scouts are having fun with this too but it needs to be kept appropriate. The video from Troop 175 in CT has a boy in a Santa hat thrusting on another dancer near the end of the video. This is highly inappropriate and the video should be removed and the Scouts spoken to.

  2. I enjoy all of these videos! I enjoy watching the scouts taking a little time to relax and have extra fun with these videos. All the videos are great, and i support totaly support all the videos and the scouts. All these videos show how scouts arn’t completely serious! Keep it up boy scouts. I support you

  3. Penn and Teller should not have been included in the video of Troop 175 with the gross language and disparaging remarks about the Boy Scout organization. They are on a mission to include gay and atheist boys in Scouting and tore down the BSA in the process. They were awful!! Scouting is recognizing it’s responsibility to be more inclusive, but I think the BSA should not include such role models(?) as Penn and Teller. Their presentation does not have a place in anything related to the Boy Scout organization. I think their video should be removed immediately!

  4. Hey, im a scout and i asked if we could organize a harlem shake video and post it on our troop website, our ASPL said no because boy scouts werent supposed to do it but i dont get why

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