Update on scheduled stadium show performers for 2013 jamboree

UPDATE (March 8): As you may have read in recent news reports, the scheduled jamboree performers have chosen not to attend the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

Here’s the BSA’s statement: “We appreciate everyone’s right to express an opinion, including these performers’ decision not to perform at the Jamboree. We remain focused on delivering a great Jamboree program for our Scouts. While the Jamboree experience is enhanced by the concerts, they are supplements to a program centered on adventure, as young people build lifelong friendships. We are reviewing the content of our stadium shows, but our focus remains on the broader issue of delivering a great Jamboree program for our Scouts.”

I’ll post more updates about the jamboree stadium shows as I get them.

Below is the original post in which I announced who would be performing: 

Don’t believe that Train and Carly Rae Jepsen are actually performing at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree?

You don’t have to take my word for it any more. Now you can hear it straight from the performers’ mouths.

Below, check out short video clips of Train, the closing show headliner, and Carly Rae Jepsen, the opening show headliner, inviting Scouts to hear them live at July’s big event at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.

The musicians will perform at the stadium, the area known as the arena at past jamborees. And it’s just one more reason to register for the jamboree right now.

Watch the videos:

Train: performing July 20

Carly Rae Jepsen: performing July 16

Photo from Flickr: Some rights reserved by asterix611 

29 thoughts on “Update on scheduled stadium show performers for 2013 jamboree

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    Bryan,   Could be just me, but the links for the videos don’t seem to working in IE or Firefox. Regards,   Mike

  2. My boys would enjoy both acts, but since the opening arena show is on the July 16 (corresponding to the 9th of Av, the saddest day in Jewish calendar, marking the date of destruction of the Holy Temple, on which listening to live music is not permitted) and the “closing” arena show is on the July 20 (Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath) we will have to miss these performances.

    • That’s fine, then let’s find another performer!! There are plenty of them out there…

  3. Train has announced that they will not be participating in the Jamboree if the BSA’s membership policy banning homosexuals does not change by July:

    Likewise, Carly Rae Jepsen just pulled out of the Jamboree because of the BSA’s current membership policy:

    Hopefully the BSA ends their discriminatory policy in May and the Scouts not only get a great show at the Summit this summer but they get a great program that stands up for equality ad builds strong values long into the future.

  4. It’s pretty sad that these acts chose to disappoint a whole lot of boys when they knew full-well at the time they agreed to perform what the BSA’s policy was. If they try to claim they didn’t know, they are lying. While I respect their right to hold whatever opinion they choose, it is petty and small to back out of an agreed performance like this.

    • Carly Rae Jepsen is Canadian. Neither Scouts Canada nor the Girl Guides of Canada (organizations analogous to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) discriminate based on sexual orientation. There’s no reason to believe that Jepsen would have known about the BSA’s policy.

    • Good for them. I quit giving any support to the BSA years ago, when I found out about their policies. I give that money to the Girl Scouts now. The BSA has become a joke.

      • Why are the Girl Scouts Any Better? They do not allow men to be leaders. Isn’t that a form of discrimination?

  5. It’s nice to see musical acts taking a stand against discrimination. Maybe the BSA will do the right thing and lift the band so these acts can preform for the jamboree.

  6. Scouting veterans like me cannot hold our heads high and proud as long as the BSA perpetuates and/or allows discrimination against or fellow Americans. End the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. End it now and end it nationwide.

  7. The ex-scout who led this boycott petition that resulted in these performers bailing is a jerk. These former scouts, so glowingly protrayed in the media, are vindictive little creeps whose only object is to destroy. Way to go guys … ruin a big night for thousands of scouts at Jamboree for to advance your creepy cause. Oh, that’s right, you love scouting.

  8. One of my venturing leaders put it well,

    “It is unfortunate that these entertainers would punish innocent young men because of their beliefs. There are many more talented musicians out there!

    What about Ted Nugent? He is an all American, talented rocker!”

    • Please tell me this response is a joke. Ted Nugent?? First the BSA is trying to portay a cooler image. There’s nothing that says cool like having a rock star whose last hit was in the 1980s. Second he has admitted to statutory rape. Third he dodged the draft. Is this the type of person you want the Boy Scounts to emulate?

  9. BSA is a private organization and they made the the rules (that I hope stay in place) If people don’t like it they can start their on group with their own rules – it’s not discrimination – I can’t go into Pizza Hut and demand Subs and feel discriminated against because they don’t serve what I want. Go somewhere else – I think it’s wrong Train and Carly to pull out at such short notice and “punish” those who have earned the money and planned to go – it requires a lot of money to get to one of these Jamborees and they’re few and far between for some scouts to get to.

  10. The BSA is a private organization that can make their own rules. If Carly and Train want to back out of it let them. I could care less if they like the gays. People like me who don’t personally care for each “artist” would rather see somebody else anyways. The BSA should hire somebody like Rush or The Who, Eagles, or any country artist. I think they wouldn’t care about the policies.

  11. I think it is sad that these boys are being punished for something that is an adult debate they don’t have much control over. Being a parent of a scout I did not choose the scouts for their stance on this ONE thing. I will not say my view on that issue it has nothing to do with this. I chose them for their educational benefits towards love of the outdoors, independence, community involvement(the maturity of the independence they are taught. Will help THEM decide their side on this debate.) The Scouts impress into these boys RESPECT. They are put absolutely NO LIFESTYLE, RELIGION OR RACE down, nor are they bullying anyone. They are trying to figure out how to go about this while remaining neutral for ALL parties involved, not promoting anyone viewpoint, that is not what they are about.

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