Get up to speed on the BSA’s new NASCAR team

BSA driver Scott Lagasse Jr.

BSA driver Scott Lagasse Jr.

Do your Scouts like fast cars? Do I even have to ask?

Let’s face it: Getting your guys to tune in and cheer on the BSA’s No. 8 car at this weekend’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race won’t be too tough. It’s like asking if they want seconds of your Dutch oven cobbler.

No doubt your guys and girls will be revved up about the chance to see Scott Lagasse Jr. take the wheel of the No. 8 HybridLight BSA car in Saturday’s race. It’s our first look at the BSA Chevy this year.

But your job is to steer your Scouts’ enthusiasm for racing into something that’ll benefit your unit long-term.

I’m talking about recruiting, retention, and racing’s ties to STEM — science, technology, engineering, and math. Learn some more facts about the BSA-NASCAR relationship in my post from September. And stay tuned for more details about how BSA Racing will support your Scouting efforts.

Meanwhile, don’t miss Saturday’s race. Here are the details: 

  • What: The Drive4COPD 300 NASCAR Nationwide race
  • Where: The legendary Daytona International Speedway.
  • When/TV: The race airs at 1 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday on ESPN.
  • Who: Scott Lagasse Jr., who drives the No. 8 HybridLight BSA car. Just look for the BSA fleur-de-lis.

What’s BSA Racing?

Last year, BSA Racing announced it was adding the NASCAR Nationwide Series to its lineup that already included a Dale Coyne Racing IndyCar. The cars, both emblazoned with that distinctive fleur-de-lis, form a one-two racing punch and increase Scouting’s national exposure.

But there’s a lot more to BSA Racing than watching our logo do laps around an oval. The cars provide a platform to promote science, technology, and math to those involved in Scouting.

In past blog posts about BSA Racing, some commenters intimated that the Boy Scouts of America was investing heaps of its own money to support these cars. That’s not true. In fact, the program is a royalty-free arrangement, meaning that thanks to the generous support of Dale Coyne Racing, IndyCar, and Scott Lagasse Racing, there’s no cash investment from the BSA.

Instead, in return for the support from those three groups, the BSA lists them as national sponsors in its promotional materials — that’s it. It’s the kind of relationship where everyone sees the checkered flag.

2013 schedule

Make plans to watch or attend some NASCAR Nationwide Series races this season. Races highlighted in blue are ones where the BSA car is scheduled to appear.


More photos


Scott Lagasse Jr. gives a lucky Webelos Scout a ride to school in his car.

Scott Lagasse Jr. gives a lucky Webelos Scout a ride to school in his car.

nascar-3 nascar-2

Photos by Roger Morgan/BSA

20 thoughts on “Get up to speed on the BSA’s new NASCAR team

  1. I wonder how much it cost BSA to be a NASCAR sponsor? Is that really the best place for BSA to be spending their advertising and marketing money?

  2. Not the financial part. Being a prominent NASCAR sponsor is expensive, and, the better the driver, the more expensive it is..Some times it’s REALLY expensive, up in to the millions of dollars.

    While I agree that kids will see BSA being a logo on a car as being pretty cool, and it addresses an age-old issue; stuff that Scouts do is cool, but being a Scout isn’t” , it also has the risk of how this driver does in his races.

    • I’m sure traditional NASCAR sponsors do pay a pretty penny. That’s why it’s so great that Team SLR has provided this opportunity to Scouting. As I wrote above, it requires no cash investment from the BSA. Please read my post above for more details.



  3. Bryan, It’s too bad that the vehicle does not get anywhere near New England (skipping both the Watkins Glen and New Hampshire races. This is a great STEM opportunity and it would be great to build on it.

  4. Bryan,
    The Heart of Virginia Council (100th anniversary this year) will be out in force when Scott and the BSA Natiowide car roll into RICHMOND in April, this is HUGE for Scouting!

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  6. Even tho I another a BSA leader, I think it’s great that BSA has the opportunity to be part of NASCAR. However considering that NASCAR like the Australia V8 Supercars series is televised worldwide, I believe that it would have been better if Car 8 was carrying the World Scout flues de lis instead of the BSA version

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