Learn to handle troop discipline on this episode of ScoutCast

scoutcast-logo1How so you handle discipline issues in your troop without spoiling the fun or spending all your time going over rules and regulations?

Well, you start by listening to this month’s ScoutCast, a monthly podcast for Boy Scout leaders that debuted last month.

In this episode, organization psychologist Betsy Eubanks, also a Venturing crew Advisor and assistant district commissioner in Montana, explains the difference between discipline and punishment. Eubanks teaches a class at the Philmont Training Center called “Boy Management,” so she’s more than qualified to share her expertise.

cubcast-logoCub Scout leaders, you haven’t been forgotten. The long-running CubCast series continues this month with an episode about Scout Sunday (Feb. 3) and on Scout Sabbath (Feb. 9). There’s also a discussion of the changes to the religious emblems program and the connection between a Scout’s faith and the values of Scouting. The guest is Mark Hazelwood, who teaches a course on religious emblems at Philmont Training Center.

Listen to the ScoutCast and/or CubCast at this link.

One thought on “Learn to handle troop discipline on this episode of ScoutCast

  1. Hi, Bryan:

    Can you let them know that the CubCast audio file ends abruptly at 8:08?


    Robert Brunson Vice-Chair, Program Blackland Prairie District Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America Telephone: (214) 395-1706 E-Mail: rbrunson@blacklandprairie.info

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